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Apr 16 17:00:23 <Night_Prowler> new Mastodon song is weird
It's pretty fucking awesome.

Anyway, the opening riff that kinda carries throughout the song is dope and reminds me of Remission.
However, the vocals are meh and that chorus is... just.. yeah.

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Well, it grew on me! :p

Chorus is fun. I don't suppose the whole album will sound like this. This is the single song, like Curl Of The Burl.

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I love it! While I love every album Mastodon has put out, I'm glad to hear them return to the heavier guitar sound they had on the earlier albums like Remission and Leviathan. I also like that they're continuing to expand on the vocals. Brann has some serious range and I love what he does with this chorus. Reminds me a lot of Ozzy on Vol. 4 for some reason.

I'm really excited to hear Diamond in the Witch House; apparently that song is the epic of the album and Scott Kelly gives a creepy performance on the song as his obligatory guest star moment on this album.

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Out of curiosity, what is everyone's favorite Mastodon album here? For me, it's probably Crack the Skye. While I prefer the guitar tones of earlier Mastodon albums, CtS has an incredible atmosphere to it and it's incredibly complex and dense. I love it.


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I'll be on that in a couple minutes, because I'm pretty sure it's a federal offense to shut off Beyond the Realms of Death.

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Here's my personal Top 10 Mastodon songs... at least until the new album comes out!

1. The Last Baron
2. Crack the Skye
3. Hearts Alive
4. The Czar
5. Oblivion
6. Blood and Thunder
7. Divinations
8. Black Tongue
9. Crystal Skull
10. March of the Fireants


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I've projected for a long time to open a thread about this band, and the coming release of their sixth album provides an ideal occasion. I know they don't have many fans here, but that surprises me, as they have many things in common with (early) Maiden. I shall try later to post reviews of their records, but some of you may like to try their lastest release : a song from their upcoming record can be listened to here :

if you don't like the vocals, just wait 'till the fantastic instrumental passage :rocker:.

EDIT : my apologies : I just realize Night Prowler opened a thread on the matter yesterday. Gloops.
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Such a thread was really missing. The new song is great, above all the chorus (they tend to do catchy chorus these days) and the instrumental section. As for the ranking of their previous records, I would say
1/ Blood Mountain, full of great tracks, with different feel.
2/ The Hunter
3/ Crack the Sky. It is a really good record, but I tend to dislike Brent Hinds' voice, and he has the main spot on that record.
4/ Leviathan. I love the concept, but some songs are to blindly brutal for me.
5/ Remission. Apart 3-4 songs, I don't listen to that record.
6/ Call of the Mastodon : idem.
I've always preferred the über-sludgey and heavy sound of Remission and I'm pleased to see they're starting to return to that sound somewhat. Though oddly I'm not too big a fan of Leviathan because while Blood and Thunder is a killer opener, the songs are so indistinct and unmemorable from there I can't really tell them apart. Just an opinion here, but is the 13+ minute Hearts alive really that....necessary?


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This song is boring, you are right. But I am Ahab, Seabeast, Iron Tusk and Naked Burn are incredible. Remission does to me the same effect Leviathan has on you : a kind of indistinct magma. I think those guys have really improved as songwriters, and I've got very high expectations for the next album. My only reservation about them is their incredible lack of modesty : they really think they are one of the most adventurous and creative bands in the world. And I've never seen them live, so I don't know what they are worth on a stage.