Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 3


  • Brave New World

    Votes: 20 60.6%
  • The Number Of The Beast

    Votes: 13 39.4%

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Dick Brucinson

Dave Sustaine
Round 3 today, after TBOS slayed DOD allover the turn before. :dead:
I guess this is a really tough one. On request of Flaming Blimp Crash let's go this time for a competition between

Again 24 hours time to vote, poll results again can't be viewed before having voted, poll will be closed after 24 hours for then the next comparison will start.

<<<<Still in the game: A Matter Of Life And Death, The Book Of Souls>>>>
<<<<Already out: Killers, Dance Of Death>>>>
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The Number Of The Beast by a fair margin. I think both albums are a bit overrated and only about 1/2 killer with some obvious filler, but TNOTB’s highs are higher than BNW’s.
I was ready to nope out and see this play itself out. I have become enamored and infatuated with The Number of the Beast since last year when I participated in the 16 days of 16 Iron Maiden albums in anticipation of Senjutsu. It has jumped leaps and bounds in my favourite albums list.

But then I realized that it still wasn't enough to break top 4. That's where I find Brave New World, though.
No way Brave New World is superior to The Number Of the Beast. Are you kidding me? :scared:
TNOTB has:
The Prisoner, Children of the Damned, 22 Acacia Avenue (minus the lyrics), The Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills, Hallowed Be Thy Name.
Absolutely Classic album with real, metal, guitars oriented production.
Whereas BNW has:
The Wicker Man, Brave New World, Blood Brothers, Out of the Silent Planet.
Production is not so bad, but not great either and certainly not better than TNOTB.
Legendary, breaktrough album, versus good but not impactful album. People voted for BNW but maybe had in mind Rock in Rio live album, with all it's variety. :D
In other words, would You choose Brave New World to be preserved in the National Recording Registry (Library of Congress) for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." Really?
The answer is so obvious it's not even funny!