Maiden England Tour 2012/2013!


Ancient Mariner
As a general answer, bands (Maiden included) will have the same stage effects for each show on a tour. Exceptions would be the venue itself (some have smaller stages and not everything fits) or local laws that may prevent using some effects like pyro. I would assume you are pretty safe in assuming you will get the full blown show, but I really know nothing about that venue. It might be worth looking at what other bands have done there in the recent past. If they brought the full show, it is a safe bet Maiden will as well.


Περούν Παντοκράτωρ
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They will use their pyros outdoors. They did so this year in Boston, and in 2008 in Wacken - those are the two references I can give you. Generally, if they cut their show somewhere, it's because the larger context puts restrictions on them, and that's virtually always only a festival stage.[/quote]