Lord of the Flies

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I went and gave it a 10. One of my all time favorites from the Blaze era. Really cool tune.

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
One of my favorites of the Blaze period, although it did take some time to grow on me. The intro is very memorable, and the main riff is one of the best in the album. The lyrics are also pretty strong. A very good song, despite being brought down a little by the greatness of "Sign of the Cross". 8 for this one.


Abysmal display of mental decay
The opening guitar and bass groove is unusual for Maiden, and I like it. Unfortunately this gives way to a pretty brain dead main riff supported by unusually bland drumming.

The opening lyric ("I don't care for this world anymore") is delivered terribly, and the rest of the verse is also delivered inconsistently. The song also has some pretty weak lyrics throughout ("I don't want existence to end", "I like all the mixed emotion and anger", "something willing us to be Lord Of The Flies" [I don't know how "us" can be a singular lord, but whatever]).

The chorus is pretty good, and there's a surprisingly restrained solo from Gers. Unfortunately this leads into a boring bridge and some seriously out of key whoah-oh-ohs from Blaze before hitting the chorus reprise. The song has a nice, sharp ending, thankfully.

A mixed bag for sure, but the intro, chorus, and solo made enough of an impression to eke out a 6/10.


I don't especially the vocals (Blaze or Bruce's) and the intro -the first 30 seconds or so- is weird and maybe a bit annoying. I think the lyrics are fine, since they do feel like coming from one of the novel's characters, and overall it's not a song I would call boring but it feels more "average" coming right after Sign of the Cross 7/10

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
it feels more "average" coming right after Sign of the Cross
An interesting thought, I think. But for me, Sign of the Cross is an excellent beginning to the album, full of loops, thrills, emotion, and epicness. But then the opening riff of Lord of the Flies kicks in and somehow, the album actually gets even better. Definitely a Top 10 Maiden song for me.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
As incredible as "Sign of the Cross" is, "Lord of the Flies" is even better. A really cool Janick riff opens it up before leading to a great verse with a great performance from Blaze. The lyrics are really, really good, a great adaptation of the original novel by William Golding. The chorus is great too, as is the solo and vocal bit before the final chorus. This song is just perfect. The studio version also slays the live performance from DOTR (Bruce doesn't sound nearly as good as Blaze does here), and I'd say it's the best thing they did with Blaze that doesn't have a Spanish title. 10


Out of the Silent Planet
Unique intro. The riff is so good. Awesome verses and even better chorus. The melodic part with the ''oh-oh'' is fantastic. Top-notch song! 10/10

I like the song more with Bruce and I like how he sings the chorus with high pitched voice. The chorus in the studio version is somehow soulless imo.


Educated Fool
According to Bayley, his lyrics
based on the novel of the same name (1954)
by the British author William Golding (1911 - 1993),
for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature
(1983) and which has been shot in two films of the same name
(1963, 1990). The plot of this takes place in a
future period of war, during which
some children flee by plane outside Megali
Of Britain. The plane crashes on a desert island without
to survive no adult escort.
Gradually, the surviving children build a hierarchy
society, which, like real societies,
plagued by violence, disobedience, rebellion, discrimination, destruction. The
lyrics seem to be the thoughts of Jack, one of the two
leading characters of the book, Ralph awe rival. Jack
represents the delinquent and violent nature of people.
The author, very successfully, shows how man, under
appropriate conditions, adopts behaviors that externalize his animals
instincts, what he had to tame to create sustainable,
civilized societies. The lyrics deal with this very eternal
man's war to delimit his animal instincts.
The title of the book comes from a scene in the book in which the
frightened children offer as a sacrifice to the "beast" of the island a
pig's head nailed to a branch, which after a long time
long face rot and covered with flies. This beast was not
nothing but the corpse of the dead pilot
of the plane, which hung from one
tree on which his parachute was entangled
during his fall.
It is worth noting that the phrase “lord
of the flies "translates into Hebrew as" Ba'al
Zebub ”, a Hellenized form of which is
word "Beelzebub". It is one of the names
with which Satan is called in
Christian tradition, associating sepsis with
which attracts flies with the rot that
surrounds sin.