Looking for Bootlegs from 95/96, 90/91, and 86/87


Ancient Marinade
I'm not sure where else to post this, but are there any good, full soundboard bootlegs of shows from the X Factor, Somewhere in Time, and No Prayer for the Dying Tours? I've got some good stuff in mp3 I could offer for the help, such as Blaze's last show (I think? Buenos Aires 1998) and it sounds really good, plus a few others.


I can only give you pointers as where to goa na d what to look for.

From Somewhere on Tour:
Oxford version 3
Bristol Version 4
Newcastle Version 2
Philadelphia version 1

From No Prayer on the Road:
Wembley version 2
Paris “Shrapnel”

From X Factour:
Tel Aviv version 3
Gothenburg Eternal Flame version 2
Milwaukee version 1


Ancient Mariner
What's this version stuff? That info is (usually) not to be found when obtaining a bootleg, is it?


Version refers to a bootleg where there are 2 or more different versions of it, for instance version 1 is an audience recording and version 2 is a soundboard recording.
Maybe there even is a 3rd version where an owner of the master recording did a so called upgrade thus enhancing the sound quality.

In trader circles it used to be a common term concerning what version of a particular bootleg you were trading for.

Hope this explains it.


Ancient Mariner
Thanks. I understand that but I bet these identifications are not known when someone is searching for / obtaining / downloading a bootleg. No one knows which one is version 3 or 4.


Ancient Mariner
Okay. I don't think I've seen it. Perhaps it was different when I downloaded them (12-14 years ago).