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Raven used to have that avatar, I believe, from the days when he was known as Silky.


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Genghis Khan said:
@ Raven: I like your new avatar.  Is that from The Commentary (Lord of Light)?

Well, yes and no.  Mav certainly used it in the Commentary, but it's an illumination for one of the Cantos of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy: Inferno.  It's an engraving done by Gustav Dore something in the 19th Century (he also did engravings for Coleridge Taylor's 'Rime...' (in the Commentary, too), the Bible and Paradise Lost, among others).

@Albie: I decided to change it to something a bit more fitting with my thoughts at the minute...I'm really getting into The Divine Comedy again, having just started reading Paradiso (the third cantica).

Genghis Khan

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Thanks for the explanation, Raven.

I knew it was not originally from the commentary; I just did not have time to remind myself.