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34. Holidays are kinda fun. Doing work for exams isn't though. Especially because I know I'll forget this over the drunken Christmas days.


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Deano said:
Great philosophy. For anything.

This is my friend, my good friend Deano  :ok:
...Just received an sms, not sure if I understand everything, but it sounds just promising: Hi barlink Ii kam


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Deano said:
Classic! I wonder how many people got this reference?

It's a meme, it's been around for years. I do love smash though.

I'm so fucking tired of being exhausted. One more day at the sweat shop and I get to try the regular dinner hall, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Or so I've heard.


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To all who build snowmen: sorry, you've been surpassed. Snow Jabba!



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i'm 18 (one of the worst songs ever)
i figured it out! AMOSW on the cave man's diary means A Matter of Moscow!