Legacy Of The Beast 2021


Strongly suspect that the Legacy of the Beast shows for 2021 will be cancelled and that will be the end of LOTB. The vaccine situation in continental Europe won't allow for large concerts there at least until 2022.

The absence of "Legacy of the Beast Tour" branding on the Download 2022 announcement suggests that it won't be part of that tour. It would also be 4 years since the LOTB tour started!
It is therefore more likely to be the tour for something else - most likely the new album, possibly released in late 2021, especially if the rumours about it already being recorded are to be believed. They would probably be able to tour at least the UK shortly after that.


Ancient Mariner
Strongly suspect that the Legacy of the Beast shows for 2021 will be cancelled and that will be the end of LOTB.
Ok stop right here. Hold the press! *zen, zen, zen, pray, pray*

Yes I have a ticket, and yes I'm looking forward to see Maiden, and to see Maidenfans.

But Maiden can organize their time and creativity in a better manner. As soon as they can tour.... let it be something else.

Dr. Eddies Wingman

Brighter than thousand_suns
Hoping that they can make room for the 2022 Tons of Rock festival. They were on the bill for 2020 and couldn't fit 2021, but now both the festival and the Maiden tour are unlikely to happen, so ...

Empire of the Clouds tour 2022? With full scale replica of the R101 above the stage?
That's BRILLIANT to see first thing on a Thursday morning ha ha!!! :) :)

Nicko is the only one who looks unrecognisable, let's hope that's not his future!!! :) :)

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Bruce must really like that jacket, to have kept it all that time. And I need to find out what sort of hand cream Adrian is using :lol:


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For fuck sake...


We regret to announce that the IRON MAIDEN 2021 June & July dates on the Legacy Of The Beast Tour have been postponed due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on global live events and travel. The Legacy Of The Beast European Tour will now take place in the Summer of 2022 on the dates below. All tickets remain valid. Please note:

-The German Stuttgart 2022 show will now take place at the Cannstatter Wasen, not the Mercedes-Benz Arena, which is not available due to stadium reconstruction works. Tickets remain valid and ticket-holders will be notified by the local promoter/ticketing agency in due course.

-The Swiss show has reverted to Zurich Hallenstadion as was originally planned for 2020, as this venue is now available again for 2022. Therefore, there will be no rescheduled show for Basel St Jakobshalle (which never went onsale this year).

-Zurich along with Frankfurt, Arnhem and Belsonic will go on sale imminently – details below

The postponement of the Legacy Of The Beast Tour does however bring the good news that Maiden can now return to headlining the European festival dates initially planned for 2020 which were cancelled due to the pandemic. This includes Graspop in Belgium so therefore the own-show date in Antwerp (which had also not gone onsale) will no longer take place. Furthermore, we are in the process of finalising a further couple of own-shows in other European territories and will update you about those as soon as they are confirmed.

Confirmed supports for all own-shows can be found on the Tour date page. Where possible these will remain the same as announced for this year.

Manager Rod Smallwood comments; “Naturally the band are hugely disappointed, a second summer without touring, especially with this very special Legacy show, is very hard to take. They send their best wishes to you all, knowing full well you fans will feel the same. As we all know, realistically there is no alternative so we will all make the best of it and spend the time preparing for a very memorable and even more spectacular Legacy tour next year, we promise! Until then keep safe and keep smart”


June 04 - Finland Hyvinkää Rockfest
June 11 - UK Donington Download Festival
June 13 - N.Ire Belfast Ormeau Park Belsonic Festival*
June 16 - Belgium, Dessel Graspop
June 18 - Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhell
June 20 - Czech Republic Prague Sinobo Stadium (rescheduled from 15.06.2021)
June 23 - Norway Oslo Tons Of Rock
June 26 - France Paris La Defense Arena (rescheduled from 11.07.21)
June 27 - Netherlands Arnhem Gelredome (rescheduled from 10.07.21)*
June 30 - Switzerland Zurich Hallenstadion *

July 02 - Germany Cologne Rhein-Energie-Stadium (rescheduled from 08.07.21)
July 04 - Germany Berlin Waldbühne (rescheduled from 30.06.21)
July 07 - Italy Bologna Sonic Park (rescheduled from 24.06.21)
July 09 - Germany Stuttgart Cannstatter Wasen (rescheduled from Mercedes-Benz Arena 26.06.21)
July 10 - Austria Wiener Neustadt Stadium Open-Air (rescheduled from 16.06.21)
July 20 - Germany Bremen Bürgerweide (rescheduled from 13.06.21)
July 22 - Sweden Gothenburg Ullevi Stadium (rescheduled from 03.07.21)
July 24 - Poland Warsaw PGE Narodowy (rescheduled from 11.06.21)
July 26 - Germany Frankfurt Deutsche Bank Park (rescheduled from 06.07.21)*
July 29 - Spain Barcelona Olympic Stadium (rescheduled from 19.06.21)
July 31 - Portugal Lisbon Estadio Nacional (rescheduled from 21.06.21)

ARNHEM: On Sale Friday April 16 @ 10am CET

ZURICH: On Sale Friday 23rd April @ 8am CET

FRANKFURT: On-Sale Friday 23rd April @10am CET

BELSONIC: On-Sale Friday 16th April @ 9am BST


Ancient Mariner
So surprising to see this happen and Finland's show is back on the list. I would have guessed that these shows and LOTB would be put to early grave by now, but no, they still want to postpone instead of cancelling.
Finland is the first show, then I will most likely be there but of course it is uncertain if these shows happen or not (whatever the situation with Covid-19 will be 2022)..