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I figure this is the right place to post this, seeing as this about Killers and all. Also, sorry if anyone else has posted something along these lines.

On the IMC, i was reading through the page on Killers, hoping to find something along my point of view of the album as a concept. Sure enough, it mentioned a few of the songs followed the 'Killers' theme. I feel, however that Killers, intentional or not, is much more in depth along this theme, following the story of the narrators life. Obviously, I'm not gonna include 'Ides of March' or 'Genghis Khan', as they don't really give insight into the story ;) Its a bit of a read, but yeah. You may or may not find this interesting, but it is the first full length commentary I've ever done (I avoid them mos the time :p)
I hope all this makes sense:

This starts the story off. A young (-ish?) man, who doesn't know his father is born into a horrible life, where he 'was never Meant to be'. He takes his break and runs away, in search of his father, maybe even angry at his abandonment ('I'm Coming to get you!'), but he still has to find his father to find himself some 'Serious peace of mind'.

Murders in the Rue Morgue:
The narrator's journey takes him to Paris, where one night he witnesses a murder. As he is the only person at the scene, the locals suspect him as the murderer, as he has blood on him, maybe from checking the victims. He begins to panic, and runs away from the scene. Knowing he is suspected of the Murder, he keeps running towards Italy. On the way, he begins to start doubting himself, and wonders if he actually DID kill the girls - 'My doctor's said I've done it before'.

Another Life:
While in hiding, Our narrator begins to start suffering with his confusion and paranoia, and hearing voices - 'Sweet voices come into my head'. Utterly confused and wanting the voices to tell him the truth ('Please Won't you tell me?') he begins to feel completely desperate and suicidal.

Innocent exile:
Begins, recapping the events of the last 2 songs ('My life is so empty, nothing to live for', 'I defied the law'. He starts to blame his Father for the events that are passing ('You weren't there to help me' - The narrator is saying that if his father had been around to start with, he wouldn't be in this mess) It's all because of you' - The narrator is blaming his father for the deaths of the girls, as he begins to lapse in to delusion and just keeps running and trying to find his father.

The song starts in a third person perspective (Hiseyes burn a hole) - maybe the Narrator is seeing the actions as someone else's; as if he can't control himself, being pushed by the 'voice inside me'. He begins a killing spree at night times, attacking people as they are walking (maybe even seeing his victims as his father?).  He gets a huge rush from killing people ('Excitement shakes me') before suddenly reaching a realisation and regret ('God help me, what have i done?'). The song concludes with a repeat of the first verse, continuing the narrators cycle of murder and delusion.

Prodigal Son :
The narrators conscience catches up with him, and he begins to 'feel unsettled'. Knowing what he has done is wrong and the devil is using him ('Devil's got a hold on my soul, and he wont let me be'), he begs for help from 'Lamia' (could be representative of God). The lyrics all follow the theme of his realisation and begging for Lamia's help. I can't see how the 'Mystic things and Magic' fit in with the theme, maybe they are a metaphor for something else in his life.

I feel rather than being about purgatory, this song is more about the experience of the narrator's death, probably suicide if his previous actions are anything to go by. The only thing really enlightening about this song is the chorus- 'Please, take me away, so far away'. The Narrator is desperate to find an escape from all his sins and to run away from everything. The rest of the lyrics just require you to use your imagination to see things from the narrators point of view.

Sorry if my explanations are getting sloppier as i'm going though. I'm also getting tired so, apologies.

Twilight Zone:
This wasn't included on the original album, but it fits the story at this point quite nicely. The narrator is now dead, and trapped in some kind of Limbo or as the song puts it, '[his] Spirit is imprisoned in the twilight zone'. Stuck floating between this world and the next, our narrator falls in love with a living woman. But, stuck between worlds, he 'can't take no shape or form' and so is heartbroken she doesn't know he is there (hence him crying out 'Cant you see me?' . Poor guy. He decides maybe when she dies he can be with her, and is 'Tempted to bring her over to see' - that is kill her somehow to keep him company; after 'Its so lonely its a long time since [he] died'. But, as he is formless, our poor narrator just goes back to crying out for her to hear him. 'Can't you Hear me? Can't You See Me?'

This song has always been a mystery to me, in terms of the concept. The way i see it fits in is this. Either he has found himself a new love, or the one from Twilight Zone has come across to the Limbo. Either way, the narrator is now roaming the netherworld with his.. well, love? I guess you can call her that. This may be the only song that doesn't fit into the Killer theme, but it still could be loosely related to it.

Sorry if i've rambled on a bit too long. But as i said at the beginning, I feel Killers to be a much more in depth concept than the IMC puts across. Hope you find this at least somewhat interesting, its just my opinion on the song.

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Quite a detailed commentary there that you obviously put some thought into. I like the idea for about 4 songs and then I think your narrator theory sort of peters out by itself. However, I agree with you that all the songs are bound together by a common theme that is not necessarily 'being a killer'. As I see it many of the songs are about people (probably male) that have serious mental issues that manifest themselves in violent or aggressive behavior. Personally, I don't think that Killers is all about the story of one individual, but of several individuals all with similar problems. Still, a really good effort and some good ideas that are backed up with some nice lines from the lyrics.


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great !!
I'm conviced now that there is a concept behind Killers album now, althought it can't be so conscient

Let's don't forget the great Ides of March one title that remindes us Ceasar's assasination and Genghis Khan, a name involved with a lot of blood