Judas Priest

What are the opinions on the Turbo album here?
Just ordered the remaster after hearing some tracks again.
Want to have this little beauty back in my collection. :wub:

I really like Turbo. Think there are some excellent songs on there, and I do quite enjoy the 80s commercial production. On the other hand, the lyrics on Parental Guidance and Private Property are a bit cringe-worthy.


Ancient Mariner
I love Turbo. It's great. I love how Priest were and are constantly reinventing themselves rather than putting out the same album over and over. Priest were never afraid of experimenting. I mean, Turbo, Painkiller, Jugulator, Nostradamus.


Educated Fool
I like it. Great glam metal album with top songs like the title track, ''Locked In'', ''Out In The Cold'' and ''Reckless''.

Those three songs are the best from the album and also Turbo Lover. It has grown on me after seeing it live twice on the Firepower tour. It's heavier than the studio version.


What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine too
If I ever held a party with my friends there would certainly be some Turbo tracks featured in the playlist.