Judas Priest


Out of the Silent Planet
If Priest will play something from the Firepower album during the upcoming tour I wish they'll pull out ''Sea Of Red'' (amazing song).... or maybe something like ''Children Of The Sun''... not much left unplayed though. I thought they would have played ''Never The Heroes'' during the Firepower tour, because it was a single with a video, but..../

For songs never played live before: ''One Shot At Glory'' is first and foremost IMO.


Ancient Mariner
Since Glenn & Ozzy have both been diagnosed with Parkinson's, I decided to look up other famous people who have been diagnosed:

Still living:

Alan Alda
Neil Diamond
Michael J Fox
Jesse Jackson
Linda Ronstadt


Muhammad Ali
Jim Backus
Roger Bannistser
President George H W Bush
James Doohan
Billy Graham
Bob Hoskins
Pope John Paul II
Mao Zedong
Ralph McQuarrie
Vincent Price
Janet Reno
Terry Thomas
Pat Torpey
George Wallace
Edward Winter
Robin Williams
Richard Winters


Fuddy Buddy
You sure are coherent: have you noticed who you quoted when you said "Nailed it!"? ;)
Of course! Just citing the proof.

And really, if K.K. isn’t going to be in Priest, why shouldn’t he tour with Ripper and play a very different set of Priest songs than the mainline band? Sounds like a win-win for the fans.


Fuddy Buddy
OK, now we need a name for K.K.’s scab Priest band!
  • K.K. Downing’s Judas Priest Experience
  • Brutus Preach(er)
  • Father Iscariot
  • Atrocious Abbott
  • Backstabbing Bishop
  • Capricious Cardinal
  • Deceptive Deacon
  • Execrable Ecclesiast
  • Maleficent Monk
Your turn!