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When you hear 50th Anniversary tour, one would expect to be played all the classics (greatest hits) + some rarely played songs - sure, they can play one or two songs from the Firepower album.... but if the setilist will have space for more...(if they rotate songs like they did during the latest tour, then yes). Probably they will add (or rotate) a couple of songs from the Firepower album for the dates with Ozzy (because these dates originally were part of the Firepower tour).

I expect some/a lot surprises during the upcoming celebration tour (given what they did on the Firepower tour).

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In a nutshell: the previous tour already had a setlist organization that celebrated the band's entire career as well as it promoted the latest album. The 50th anniversary tour to come is just Part 2 of an unnamed Part 1, which tends to suggest that Priest makes up plans as they go along.

This is pretty much like the Legacy of the Beast, with the notable exception that Maiden's tour name did not bear any constraining mention of time, which would have limited its exploitation to one calendar year or two (and obviously, the fact that LOTB did not include any song from The Book of Souls).

In other words, while Iron Maiden will always have a legacy to promote (and one can imagine that "Legacy of the Beast" can be the name of an "official" IM tribute band in the years to come when the current musicians cannot perform anymore - what The Australian Pink Floyd is to Pink Floyd for instance), Judas Priest won't be 50 years old forever...

This, I think, further shows how better Iron Maiden is at career management than Judas Priest and explains why the latter is still behind the former in terms of commercial success, however equivalent the "importance" and the quality of the output of each band are.
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Rob said that for the upcoming 50th Anniversary tour:
- they will play some songs that were never played live before.
- and that he is up for singing songs from the Ripper albums.

''Those records, 'Jugulator' and 'Demolition', are both part of the great history of JUDAS PRIEST. And Tim is a good friend of mine. I've never done any of the songs that he sang on, but I'd definitely have a crack at them. I'm up for that. When? It could happen at any time; it wouldn't need to be an anniversary. Before we go onstage, we have a jam, and that's time when ideas from leftfield are thrown around. That's probably how we'll do it. It'll just happen and it'll be brilliant.''



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That sounds that Ripper Owens will be invited at some point of the Anniversary Tour
Could also be the standard Halford-gibberish response to a direct question. You'd never get him say "no" to the question anyway. I recall reading about Halford open to sing Ripper tunes around 2007 in an issue of Sweden Rock magazine (I think I threw all my magazines away years ago so I cannot verify my recollection), and it is yet to happen.

On the other hand, they haven't done a big anniversary tour before that spans their entire career, so maybe it's finally time. I think Rob would sound great on Burn in Hell or Hell is Home.


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If Priest will play something from the Firepower album during the upcoming tour I wish they'll pull out ''Sea Of Red'' (amazing song).... or maybe something like ''Children Of The Sun''... not much left unplayed though. I thought they would have played ''Never The Heroes'' during the Firepower tour, because it was a single with a video, but..../

For songs never played live before: ''One Shot At Glory'' is first and foremost IMO.


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Since Glenn & Ozzy have both been diagnosed with Parkinson's, I decided to look up other famous people who have been diagnosed:

Still living:

Alan Alda
Neil Diamond
Michael J Fox
Jesse Jackson
Linda Ronstadt


Muhammad Ali
Jim Backus
Roger Bannistser
President George H W Bush
James Doohan
Billy Graham
Bob Hoskins
Pope John Paul II
Mao Zedong
Ralph McQuarrie
Vincent Price
Janet Reno
Terry Thomas
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