How good is Journeyman on a scale of 1-10?

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The electric version of ''Journeyman'' is also very good. I like the guitar sounds in this version (done by Adrian?), but I think the acoustic one is better and it is more appropriate for a ballad. This electric version is definitely a unique piece in the band's discography.
I'm glad they released it so we can compare the two versions.

The word Journeyman is used for someone who specializes in
an art which, before settling in the place where it is finally practiced,
spends a few years practicing it traveling from place to place in order to
increase his knowledge but also to become known in his field.
According to Dickinson, the man who makes decisions with
his heart and essentially experiences the moments of his life and constantly acquires
new knowledge and experiences compared to the experienced craftsman he has
fully master his art.
I have vivid memories of my first listen to this album back in 2003 and my surprise at an acoustic track. But what a beautiful track it is. All rousing melodies and bucolic strings. This is Maiden for sitting by the fire in chunky knitwear