Iron Savior

Wayne Bond

Educated Fool
Not bad at all, quite catchy.

I have a couple of iron saviour albums amoungst my collection. Can't remember much about them as whilst I remember liking them at the time nothing about the band really stood. I was listening to a lot of power metal at the time I picked them up so was maybe a bit burnt out on the genre by the time I discovered iron saviour.

Gotta love that video though, cheesy as hell. Rubbish sword fighting with cgi blood splatters and the singer wearing a trendy superdry t shirt lol.
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Ancient Mariner
Good chorus indeed! Although I can't say it comes very close to older albums I am enthousiastic about for years, but it's nice to see that more people have interest in this band and now it even is mentioned in thread title!
(An alternative option is putting this band with Helloween and Gamma Ray (since Kai was an important member of the band and Piet was in an early incarnation of Helloween))