Iron Maiden's popularity on Spotify


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I think spotify is a load of bollocks. Renting access to music, ridiculous.
You can add that artists get paid peanuts for their music.

I use it mostly as a taster, before deciding whether to buy something or not, and sometimes to listen to albums that I own when I am at work.


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Well, I would never pay money to get all of my 3500 songs that I have on Spotify. That's for sure.


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I think spotify is a load of bollocks. Renting access to music, ridiculous.
This is one of my biggest problems with it. I like to own the music I listen to, and to do whatever I want with it. Spotify severely limits my possibilities. I can't carry it around on a hard drive and play it on a device I don't have Spotify on, I can't burn it on a CD or anything, and worst of all, I'm completely at their mercy when it comes to availability. Some people here have noted that Spotify removed some non-album Maiden tracks. A lot of artists I listen to don't have their entire discography on Spotify either. So although it currently, for pragmatic reasons, is my main source of music, I don't see it becoming my one-and-only stop any time.
The other main problem is obviously that the artists don't earn anything off it.


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I used to have Spotify, but I prefer (and use) Google Play Music nowadays instead. It's much more flexible since I can throw stuff from my own library, such as rarities, bootlegs and stuff into the mix. Not sure if Spotify also allows that nowadays though... Anyway, I'd have no problem with such services if they were a bit more beneficial for the artists as well; then again, that would probably make the monthly subscription price to raise significantly. Hardcore fans such as we aren't really that problematic since we have bought and keep on buying records and all that, but on a bigger scale Spotify and others have definitely changed a lot in the industry.

But from a personal point of view only, I gladly pay 10€ in a month for Play Music. It's neat to have such an extensive music library with me when walking, running, driving and all that. It also makes discovering albums I'll eventually end up buying easier, but then again, when looking from a perspective of a consumer who starts out his/her personal music discovery via these services and having not grown in a world of physical format... Yeah, I can see the effect.

But it is what it is.


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I like Spotify, and I listen to maiden a lot, I have all their albums sometimes in more than one version if possible, so I don't feel bad about it. I also like to listen to Bruce & Smith solo stuff, but it hurts me a lot that Psycho Motel ( I love this band far more than ASAP) is not there.

Aside from that, I listen mostly to playlist with obscure jazz and classic stuff, Dylan and some playlist for reading. I'm not a big fan of these services because I'm not the owner of the music and they can cut me off whenever they want to, but it's still better than Youtube or piracy.


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Metallica, is considered as mega stars of rock and popular music more than "just a metal band". Most of their audiences are the "normal people". Is it kind of demise for Maiden? I don't know - maybe a little. :)
Have you ever watched a speech of Bruce about MTV? or about fashion and similar other things those so-called "normal people" are caged in?

Oh yes, it is the demise. The band members hug each other and cry now.

On a final note, the quantitative approach is usually very problematic in such contexts. At the very least, the listener profile of all these bands are different, as many of you exemplified.
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