Iron Maiden to debut new music during livestream

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
From the band's website:

On April 15th, we will be live in the studio playing a special gig in anticipation of the upcoming leg of the Legacy of the Beast Tour! Featuring some old classics, some killer cuts from Senjutsu... and new songs yet to be released??? We'll be broadcasting live on YouTube for the whole world to watch - so make sure you mark your calendars!

"It's a very exciting new way of playing music for the fans," says Steve. "I'm very excited to explore our sound and push some boundaries here. In particular, we'll be doing an acoustic rendition of one of the Senjutsu tracks that might be even more powerful than the electric studio version."

"And we've been in the studio lately writing new songs that we're planning to record before we go back on tour," chimes in Bruce. "We will never stop writing until it becomes physically impossible, until we've passed... 'The Point of No Return', if you will."

"But," continues Steve, "if you want a taste of classic Maiden as well, then don't worry - some of our Legacy of the Beast staples will be appearing as well! There's something for everyone here, and we look forward to seeing you all in the livestream chat."

Livestream link

Additionally, the band has released the livestream setlist, but in code:

1. ;"<#x.?>.
2. #$@;$<>|
3. $.<x&@?$?]>x|]x$.<x&;[[
4. $.<x$@||\<@
5. @<^<[;$?|]#
6. '<;$.x|,x$.<x"<[$#x;"|%#$?"
7. $.<x&?"{<@x};]
8. $.<x\|?]$x|,x]|x@<$%@]
9. @<;[x&|@['
10. ?@|]x};?'<]
11. .;[[|&<'x:<x$.(x];}<

Very excited to see what they're gonna play!!! The code is a clusterfuck but I might try to work it out in the next few days if no one beats me to it lol.
I hope the song is over 50 bajillion minutes long and super cool and interesting and not boring.
This just in: Iron Maiden calls Russia's invasion for an invasion and the following war a war.

Steve: "It's not just a situation. It's a f*cking unprovoked war. We support Live Nation's decision to suspend operations in Russia and we will fight for democracy and sovereignty in the small ways we can. Democracy is built by us all so it can be enjoyed by us all, and we want to do our small part".