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Actually, Deja Vu has a solo (at the beginning)
I think it's more of a melodic intro part. Other songs written by Dave (like ''Still Life'', ''Fates Warning'', ''The Man Of Sorrows'') also have such intros, but they also have a Dave's solo.

Speaking of ''Deja-Vu'', I'm surprised that the song is without a proper solo (played by Dave, it's his song), because Somewhere In Time is the album with the least solos played by Dave - only 4!

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Something for the statistics:
When "2 Minutes To Midnight" (LAD-version) is played EXTREMELY loud in an urban enviroment by midnight, at least 85% of the people around will be not happy.
When "Killers" (album version) is played the same level around 3 a.m., almost even 100% of the people around will be not happy.
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That is really helpful. If my neigbours play "die Katze, die dicke, dicke Katze" again at 3 a.m., I want to anger them.


Yes, in Köln. I think it's a carnival song, but I'm no expert on that either. I only hear the lyrics through a wall. :rolleyes:

So that we are not accused of hijacking the thread:

-Number of months it took to rebuild Ed Force One: 10

-Cost to get Ed Force One ready for launch: $500000

-Weight of backline that had to be transported with it, including guitars, mixers and Eddie accessories: 12 tons

-Passenger capacity: 70

-Distance traveled for the first 23 shows: 80000 kilometers (twice around the world)

-Official flight number of Ed Force One: AEU666

(according to Classic Rock, special issue no. 4, my translation)