Iron Maiden - in the face of banality!


Long Distance Trooper
"I think the music reflects the state that the society is in... poets and musicians... reflect that age." - John Lennon

In a new study published in the journal 'Scientific Reports', it has found that song lyrics have become simpler and more repetetive since the last fourty years. This conclusion was reached after analysing the words in over 12,000 English-language songs, cutting across genres.

After coming across a similar article, I realized that every generation has this complaint about its successor's taste. For example, the dismissal of Igor Stravinsky for his song The Rite Of Spring as a "madman" for confirming to the prevailing standards of "good taste". Ridiculing of lyrics like "The heat is hot" from the hit track The Horse With No Name by America or "There's a killer on the road, his brain is squirming like a toad" from Riders Of The Storm by The Doors.

Consider this as an appreciation or what you will, but I think when it comes to Maiden, it truly adds to one more reason why their music is timeless due to their songwriting not abiding by any particular norm or standards (the same can be held for Prog rock/metal artists, bands from more extreme Metal genres or literally any other music). Probably a reason to rejoice how "When The Wild Wind Blows" though being long, doesn't really have a chorus (LOL). Do you also see Maiden's lyrics in a similar light?
I used to care a lot for lyrics, to the extent that I decided whether I liked a song or not based on them. Then I realised the music stays the same no matter what the singer says. My experience shows me that I'm quick at dismissing an artist when they say something I have a problem with. Now I just make sure the band I listen to doesn't write any songs supporting eugenics and then leave it at that. Sometimes a line sticks out and I like singing along to it or thinking about it, but most of the time I don't care. I still know the words to pretty much every Maiden song pre-TFF by heart, but I haven't even read the lyrics to Book of Souls or Senjutsu.