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  1. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    First of all: this topic is not about The Soundhouse Tapes (which biggest discussion has recently been going on in the Loopy Blog topic).

    This is about the other studio recordings Maiden did, before they went to record the debut album.

    The BBC sessions have been discussed before in a different topic, but I had a Natalie urge, to make some matters a bit clearer. :)

    I'd like to get clear who played on which sessions, and when they were recorded, but naturally anything else related to these recordings should fit in here as well.

    1. Methal for Muthas
    Metal For Muthas (Recorded 24/10/1979 - Manchester Square, London)

    1. Sanctuary
    2. Wrathchild

    Paul Di'Anno (Vocals), Steve Harris (Bass), Dave Murray (Guitar), Tony Parsons (Guitar), Doug Sampson (Drums)

    2. BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show
    14th November 1979, recorded at Studio 6, BBC Studios, Maida Vale, London.

    1. Iron Maiden
    2. Running Free
    3. Transylvania
    4. Sanctuary

    This time, it looks like Iron Maiden was right about it. Tony Parsons is credited in the booklet of the Iron Maiden BBC Archives CD. So it's again this line-up:

    Paul Di'Anno (Vocals), Steve Harris (Bass), Dave Murray (Guitar), Tony Parsons (Guitar), Doug Sampson (Drums)

    Here you can find Transylvania on YouTube:

    @Baztac: I noticed that you haven't put these sessions on the timeline yet but it struck me that you said in your comment on this video that Parsons wasn't in the recording line-up (even though Maiden officially state that he was)? Besides: the first solo, starting at 2:00 sounds like someone else, (not Murray), so that should be Parsons, don't you agree? 2:50 is Murray for sure.

    In Sanctuary

    I hear Parsons here: 1:23 (Dave would never make two of such relatively identical runs in a row, and it also sounds like someone else, honestly).
    and Murray here: 1:42

    3. Wessex Studio demos
    Wessex Studios, 25 & 26 November
    1. Running Free (released on Axe Attack Vol. 1)
    2. Burning Ambition (released as B-side Running Free single)
    Line-up: Paul Di'Anno (Vocals), Steve Harris (Bass), Dave Murray (Guitar), Doug Sampson (Drums)

    Edited after info Baztac:
    changed date of Metal for Muthas session.
    and added Wessex Studio session.
  2. Baztac

    Baztac Invader

    Tony Parsons auditioned for Maiden after seeing and advert in the Melody Maker dated Saturday 4 August 1979 although the paper came out on the Thursday before that. The audtions were held at Hollywood Studios possibly on the Sunday 5 August and around 20-30 people turned up.
    The first gig I know Tony participated was the Music Machine on 10 September 1979. The bootleg exists and Tony features on the last couple of tracks Iron Maiden and Drifter. Paul Dianno confirms that they had been looking for a new guitarist at that time. Obviously Tony had not learnt all the songs yet to perform the full gig.
    A sounds review of a gig at the Bandwagon on the 14 September 1979 also confirms that Tony played on the last few numbers.
    Tony is fully playing with band possibly by the Double Six gig of 27 September 1979 and definitely at the Ruskin Arms gig of 5 October 1979.
    I think the Soundhouse Tapes were released around the Marquee gig of 19 October 1979 (Note Tony Parsons does not feature on the cover, although he had been in the band for a short while now)
    The Running Free book shows the contract for the Metal For Muthas with "have performed" listing Tony Parsons as part of the band and was dated 24 October 1979. So the Metal for Muthas was recorded on or around the 24 October.
    On the 29 October Brian Shepherd watches the band at the Bandwagon
    the Running Free book however states that Tony did not take part in the BBC sessions. But we know he did. These took place on 14 November 1979.
    Tony was fired from Iron Maiden by Rod Smallwood at Paddington Station on his 24th Birthday.
    I think his last gig was the Lion at Warrington on 24 November 1979.
    The band later wanted Tony reinstated but Rod was having none of it.

    On the 25 and 26 November Maiden were at recording at the Wessex Studio . This was could be the demo version of Running Free (with Guy(Gary) Edwards) which would later appear on Axe Attack Vol1 and also Burning Ambition which would later appear on the B side of the single.

    There are dates cancelled on 12/13 December 1979 which could be the time the band did some work with Andy Scott that was soon abandoned. I have still to look at this further.

    EMI officially announced the signing of Maiden on 15 December 1979.
  3. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Thanks Baztac! I updated the opening post. This means Burning Ambition was also recorded in 1979.

    Here is that Axe Attack Running Free version:
  4. MikeJwF

    MikeJwF Invader

    Parsons had to have been on that Friday Night Rock Show recording because as far as I know the bands used to go in, set up, and play live in the studio. So it's not like Dave Murray could have added over dubs after, and it's not likely.
  5. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Not sure about 100% live. The solos sound like they were recorded afterwards. The rhythm guitars sound like they continue when the solos appear, more in the middle of the audio spectrum.
  6. clivetiger

    clivetiger Prowler

    I think the general practice for BBC Sessions was to record live with limited time afterwards for overdubbing depending on how organized the band was in the time available. I've read some stories over the years from bands at the BBC who couldn't get their act together or wasted time on the day and weren't allowed extra time to overdub or correct mistakes!

    I would imagine that Sgt Major Harris and Sheriff Smallwood ran a tight enough ship that no time was wasted on Maiden sessions!
  7. lira

    lira Nomad

    That's pretty much Parsons' guitar on BBC. Compare the 2 Sanctuary solos from BBC and Metal for Muthas, for instance. He left the band soon after that.
  8. MikeJwF

    MikeJwF Invader

    So we know for sure Parsons played on Metal For Muthas is what you're saying?
  9. lira

    lira Nomad

    Yes, i misquote that completely saying that was Tony Parsons on the guitar on the back cover of Soundhouse (Steve Loopy topic). It's Rob Loonhouse and that silly cardboard guitar, isn't he? haha
  10. MikeJwF

    MikeJwF Invader

    Answer me this, the guy (teenager) with the long curly hair talking in the B&W footage outside and early gig saying how Maiden is a life style and he's be rich if he had a dime for ever Maiden show he's been to. Is that the same guy that designs their stages later on? at least as of the Death on the Road documentary?
  11. lira

    lira Nomad

    Yes, for sure. He has a completely different style from Murray's guitar. I think you can hear that clearly.
  12. lira

    lira Nomad

    I have no idea about that. To me he is just a fan interviewed on the video.
    But why are you asking this?
  13. MikeJwF

    MikeJwF Invader

    For some reason I feel like I've seen this acknowledged somewhere, although I can't remember where. And it looks like the same guy, I was wondering if anyone else knew what I was talking about.
  14. Baztac

    Baztac Invader

    I don't think so if it is the guys in the two clips below.

    pound guy at 2:23

    lighting/set design guy at 49:06
  15. MikeJwF

    MikeJwF Invader

    Yea I don't know why, but for some reason I thought the guy in the above clip went on to do more for Maiden than just be a fan. I have no idea why I connected the two.

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