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The Hallowed and Shadows of the Valley were both on (the same) shirt (front and back) that was sold during the Book of Souls Tour. Ironic that even though they were selling these shirts, they didn't play either song.
They played HBTN during the 2016 leg of the tour.

SOTV was a missed opportunity sadly. :(


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It's Photoshopped by someone.
If the Purgatory single cover had been used for The Number of the Beast the ultra-catholics would burn even more and Maiden would sold more albums, and the metalheads would look with devil's moustache :D
I'll start with that:

This was in very early stages of the artwork for the Virtual XI album. The working title at that time was: Virtual Insanity (pretty good title). This picture do not have the football pitch, but anyway, I think that the cover for the VXI album is a very cool piece of artwork !

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You wouldn't have this early picture of Virtual XI in hi-res would you?

I'm also looking for these very rare Eddie images also in hi-res. Does anybody have them in a much better res?


I've recently found a tour poster from the AMOLAD tour and for me it is better than the actual album cover ! One of the reasons is that Eddie is the main thing on the cover (the focus is on him), as it should be - not at the back of the cover ! Also, this poster has the tank on the background - good detail.

But, for the actual album cover, I think the tank is done well - only Eddie should have been at the front of the cover and the skeleton soldiers to be at the back or around the tank - then it would be much better album cover.

Guys, what are your thoughts about the tour poster artwork ?

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I never seen that version before. It isn't possible you would have it in hi-res by any chance?
Here is Prt 1 of my rare Eddie updates I got recently. All of them are in very hi-res. Obviously this site downsizes them a lot.


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Prt 2 of my rare Eddie updates.


Prt 3 of my rare Eddie updates. All these images come from my personal collection, and as usual if anyone wants much higher res versions pm me, or message me of my profile.



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Does anyone have/can get/can make/can steal the Riggs version of the Futureal artwork in some kind of megabig format? I want to use it as a wallpaper or homescreen on my 35" ultrawide monitor that I use for Real Science Computing. That (along with the Clairvoyant) are by far my favorite Eddie artworks. Which artworks you ask? Futureal by Derek Riggs, and The Clairvoyant by Derek Riggs. I actually have a Clairvoyant hoodie sweatshirtjacket. I use it to keep my warm on cold nights in the abyss. It has a "middle pocket" that I can stick my hands in and then pretend I'm being deviant in public. But I'd never cut a hole in this sweatshirthoody just to make contact with my sausage. That's for the nighttime!