Invasive iPhone ads


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Half the time when I open a page here since the move to the new forum software, I get this:

If I hit the back button, it goes to a different spam site. If I go back to the same forum page that spawned this, there’s a >50% chance it will kick off the exact same ad. If I manage to load a different forum page before the ad kicks in, the percentage seems lower.

The only other site that does this to me is Blabbermouth, and it only happens rarely there. I don’t know what the hell is triggering it here, but it renders the site almost unusable once it kicks in.
I’ve been getting the same thing. A month back or so and now suddenly again yesterday. I didn’t think all that much of it but if other people are getting it to then perhaps it’s a bigger issue than I thought.
FFS, I’m about to lose my mind over this shit constantly invading every visit to the forum...
The ads on the site are provided via a reputable provider. Unfortunately bad actors sometimes bid through this service to run ads which hijack browsers like this - we've actually disabled full screen mobile ads at the provider. If there's any report functionality visible/available, please do use it to report it back to our ad provider who will deal with the ad appropriately.