interesting Youtube channels, podcast about Maiden and Metal in general


Ancient Mariner
I want to recommend you a youtube channel called sea of tranquility hosted by a guy named Pete Pardo who is a fan and wiseman about Classic Rock, Metal, trash, death, progressive rock, etc… Sometimes invite friends to talk about a metal topic, band, history, top albums and many more. I suscribed to his channel because I discovered some extraordinary unknown bands.
This time Pete and a friend are talking about their top 10 Maiden albums.

Saga is a canadian progressive rock band but they hadn't the success of Rush. They were big in Germany in the 80's and have great songs. I think I read here that one of Nicko's favorite albums was from this band.
And Eloy has great songs. They reminds me to Pink Floyd but heavier.
Repeat, the podcast is very good. He talks about concerts, albums, great bands, little bands, solo artists, music books…and also invite some mates to talk about bands, they make their top 10 albums…it's very interesting.
Wow, I didn't expect to meet a community like this when I opened this thread, a lot of interesting videos over here. I've been listening to Maiden for a long time already, I love their music. In today's world of hip hop, it's nice to hear some good old metal rock, the true fans will never leave it. I have a big collection of videos from different concerts, which I downloaded from YouTube using Ymp4. download, and I always can come back and listen some real nice music, which I miss nowadays so much.
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