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Hi everyone,

As you know, the individual song polls are traditionally reset when a new Iron Maiden album comes out. That will be the case with the current polls. However, whereas previously I relaunched the polls starting when the album came out, that will not be the case here.

All polls will close on September 4th.
Votes made up to then will count towards the 2015 rankings. I am gone to Europe and will be not able to collate forum data. The 2015 rankings will be the final rankings with 15 Iron Maiden albums.

Polls for the first 4 albums will open on Oct. 1st.
I will then open 4 albums per month until January.

Statistics for 2016 will be collated in Fall 2016.
So you have a full year from the time I open the first polls to get your grubby little numbers in.

As always, I encourage you to re-listen to the album and, most importantly, give The Book of Souls time to sink in before voting. These statistics have been tracked for 10 years now and I anticipate tracking them for many more.


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Individual Song Polls for Iron Maiden and Killers are now open.

Please proceed to the sub forums in the Commentary to vote.

A note about the polls: They have been completely reset. The old votes are recorded. This will likely be the last time votes are ever reset; new forum software means votes can be changed. As a result, I may not feel compelled to reset the votes again in the future.

The next set of polls will be opened in appx. 3 weeks.

A guide to voting.

10: Hand these out carefully! Someone who hands out a lot of 10s and 9s will not be taken seriously. A 10 is a true masterpiece in your opinion, not just a song you love, but a song you love and think is timeless.
9: For songs that you love and you know aren't quite superb; for songs that you know are masterpieces that aren't quite your favourite.
8: A very good song, but one that doesn't go the extra mile to be called special.
7. A good song.
6-5. An average song that doesn't stand out.
3-4. A bad song. You often skip it. You have made a playlist ignoring this song.
2. Atrocious. You dislike it, or even hate it.
1. The Apparition.
Soon I'll start liking it out of spite. (I actually did enjoy it when it war released and haven't listened carfully to it for a long long time. I will certainly give it a new chance soon)


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But the #1 song is Hallowed...

He's clicking in the last cell as the wifi starts to chime
Reflecting on this update and it doesn't have much time
Cause at 5 o'clock they throttle his uploooooad
The number of polls to reset is running loooooooooow


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Hallowed has won every poll. So it is, in a sense, the only song more consistent than The Apparition.


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Which, I interestingly enough, haven't updated yet. And yes, I was counting that.
I have now updated the average rankings - The Apparition is the worst song, averaging 3 places lower than Hooks in You, it's closest competitor.


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Current rolling album averages

Powerslave - 8.59
A Matter of Life and Death - 8.58
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - 8.52

Brave New World - 8.45
Somewhere in Time - 8.43
Piece of Mind - 8.37
The Final Frontier - 8.33
The Number of the Beast - 8.31
The X-Factor - 8.07
Iron Maiden - 8.01

Killers - 7.95
Dance of Death - 7.80
Virtual XI - 7.67

No Prayer For the Dying - 6.71
Fear of the Dark - 6.60


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For 11 years I have tracked these polls. Once Chains of Misery "beat" The Apparition. Otherwise it's consistently considered the worst.

I'm sorry.
Something being considered as the least populair song on this forum is something else as mentioning it as definition for "1". It was humour I guess, but stigmatizing.
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It was humour I guess, but stigmatizing.
Yes, it's humour, but like all good humour, it is also true. The Apparition is, by far, the least like song Iron Maiden has ever made. I am happy some people like it, but those people should understand that it's generally considered a turd.

Just like while I will encourage people to re-listen to The Angel and the Gambler, but I know it's always going to be given a shit rank, no matter how much I like it.