I still can't believe The Thin Line Between Love and Hate is not a classic


Ancient Mariner
Bruce could still pull it off today and it has such a great payoff with the instrumentals at the end. What gives?


Ancient Mariner
I always felt like it was a half-finished composition. The two parts of the song are just kind of stapled together and as nice as the second half is, the first half just feels like it needed more time in the oven. The lyrics especially. I don't think it's a bad song at all, but it misses the mark a bit.


Out of the Silent Planet
I always thought that this song has unique vocals (for the band) in the verses. The instrumental section is a brilliant idea, while the chorus is amazing - one of the many amazing choruses in the whole album and overall from the band's discography.

The doubled vocals should not be a problem live, I think. Steve and Adrian will do backing vocals, as usual. Tough song for Bruce to sing live imo.


It's a great song, maybe a little too long in the end,but still great. My favourite BNW track along with The Mercenary. I think The Wicker Man is a bit overrated


Ancient Mariner
To me The Mercenary is 100% filler song.
It pales in comparison to the rest (aside from Fallen Angel), but it is a really good song and better than most short Maiden tracks since. Dave’s solo is gold.


Back From The Edge
The Nomad and The Thin Line Between Love And Hate are my favourite songs from Brave New World.

And of all songs from that album they failed to play them live.


That’s what happens when you have great musicians at your Beckett and call.
Sorry, I don't understand this, maybe because I'm not a native speaker? Anyway I should maybe have written "one of the best things..."