Hooks In You

How good is Hooks in You on a scale of 1-10?

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I don't get the hate for this one. Calling it Maiden's worst song is a bit of a stretch when songs like Weekend Warrior exist. I like the main riff and even the poppy chorus. 8\10


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Forostar said:
Give it a try. Explanations are needed in these topics. Getting tired at the end? ;)
Let's see... Lyrics are... let's say garbage, singing is not good, riff is catchy but that's it.


A sound 7 for this one, quite like it something to tap my foot to, not a song I listen to that much.


3/10. I really found nothing to like about this song. The lyrics are atrocious, Bruce's voice grates on me throughout the song, and the music, while not terrible, isn't good. Not sure yet if it's my least favorite Maiden song, certainly my least favorite Adrian/Bruce collaboration.
I'm also surprised at the dislike of this song! Yes, the lyrics blow, it sounds "radio pop rock" (kinda like CIPWM).
Despite that, it has a cool upbeat vibe, solid chorus, good solos. As for the vocals, NPFTD and FOD I feel had that same raspy style so I don't set
Hooks in a different category for that. 7 / 10


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Crap song, b side quality, but so was the whole album. Very poor, should never have been released. Janick Gers's playing on that one is especially abysmal.
5/10 It's just as bad as The Assassin. Bad performance by Bruce. Corny overall. It will likely be among some of the worst IM songs when I'm through the discography.


I understand why this song is hated, it's generic, bad vocals by Bruces standard, uninspired riffs etc.
But I can't help to be hopelessly in love with the break at 1:49-2:25, who later comes back at 3:36.
Without this this song should be a 3 maybe, but it deserves a 5 because these sections is really good according to me.