Hey, were is BNW on iTunes?

I don't generally follow developments with record companies, but aren't Maiden releasing TBOS through Warner? Is there some politics going on here?
Does anyone on this board have a connection with someone meaningful at EMI Music or the IM band, managers, etc? Can anyone bring this to their attention and get a reason? Thanks.
I doubt it, and to be honest, they aren't going to care too much. Albums come up and down on iTunes literally all the time.
I'd be very interested to hear the remaster of DoD, since the original is mastered so poorly.

For BNW you're better off getting the CD anyways- then you get full bitrate and you can just rip it to your iTunes anyways... plus if you find a used copy you're going to pay less!
That's pretty crappy management if people are asking you to take their money and they don't care.
You'd think that, but for a lot of these people, that's not how they work. Chances are the albums are caught up in the Iron Maiden rights fiasco that's been going on since Sanctuary folded. Or they're creating artificial demand in the runup to TBOS by removing the albums.
Last time there were missing Maiden albums on iTunes, AMOLAD was taken down along with BNW and DOD. I hope that doesn't happen again.