Guess the cryptic song


Ancient Mariner
Game Rules:
Someone posts a cryptic description of a songtitle.
There's no limit in band, artist or genre so everything´s possible...even Iron Maiden songs. After each 3 wrong guesses (Songtitle + Band/Artist) or 24 hours without another guess an extra clue is given:
1. Country of origin
2. Music style/Genre
3. Band or artist
4. Year of release

After clue 4 you can guess as much as you want as long as you´re not the last person that has guessed. So beware @TheMercenary : double guessing isn´t allowed. Whoever can guess the right song, comes up with a new one.
If someone can find the right artist before clue 3 is given, the next clue is always the year of release and is only worth 1 point even if no clues are given yet. There are no extra points for finding the artist.

Finding the correct song before any clue is given: 6 points (Masterclass!)

After guess 1: 4 points
After guess 2: 3 points
After guess 3: 2 points
After guess 4: 1 point

Easy example:
"Swine Soldiers"
3 wrong guesses
Clue 1: England
3 wrong guesses
Clue 2: Hardrock/Metal
3 wrong guesses
Clue 3: Black Sabbath
3 wrong guesses
Clue 4: 1970

War Pigs!

Hope this is going to be fun. :D

"Bloody weather!"


1. @Jer - 45 pts.
2. @TheMercenary - 37 pts.
3. @Azas - 29 pts.
3. @MindRuler - 29 pts.
5. @Siddharth - 27 pts.
5. @Vaenyr - 27 pts.
7. @The_7th_one - 5 pts.
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"Bloody weather!"
Clue 1: England
If the 1st clue wouldn't have been England, I would have said that the band is German and called Grave Digger... Because GD have a song called "When Rain Turns To Blood" on the great album 'The Clans Will Rise Again'...

But now, I think it's Iron Maiden with "No Prayer For The Dying" (and the verse "When I've sat by the window, And gazed at the rain" is very clear for me).