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There's hardly a country on this map that is drawn correctly. Either the borders or the location or the city names are all wrong.
Marsupial... Yeah, right.


Твои карие глаза, твои сладкие уста


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I don't mind it if there's hot peppers as well, there's something about the hot and sweet that's really good.

However, you have to eat it quick - pineapple is too wet and compromises the structural integrity of the crust.


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There is no pizza better than margarita and there is no better way to know if a pizzeria is good than to have them make a margarita.
These pineapples and shit, I won't even comment.

Bad pizza types exist here too, and are popular. My "favourite" is called rural pizza where they put 5 types of dried meat shit like pancetta, kulen, pepperoni, pieces of prosciutto and whatnot. In the end you get a grease pool of cheap delis. Where's the pizza in that, I am not sure.