First song with a guitar solo (guitarist / album overview)


Ancient Mariner
1st solo on the album.png
So this is not about doing the first solo (solo order) in a song, but about doing the first solo on the album. On which track is that first solo, per guitarist?

With the exception of Piece of Mind, Adrian played a solo on all opening tracks from all albums he has been part of. And he is the only guy who did this on all songs in this century. It's become some sort of tradition. It leads me to believe that Adrian will play a solo on the first track, Senjutsu, again.
But will Dave and Janick have a solo as well? Who knows.. this one is a lengthy song.
The last time Janick did this, was on Sign of the Cross, 26 years ago. Dave had a go on Satellite 15... The Final Frontier, 11 years ago.
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