Favorite 10 bands/artists from your home country


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Devin Townsend is good but you might wanna check out Strapping Young Lad too. That’s where the Metal is.


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#2 - Mão Morta (experimental/ alternative rock) - To put it simple Mão Morta (roughly translated "Dead Hand") single handedly shapped and influenced the vast majority of alternative non-mainstream portuguese music sincethe mid 80's. Adding to that we have fact these guys came from a place with deep rooted catholic traditions and completely out of the rock circle back then. Braga nowdays is one of Portugal's more developed towns regarding modern culture and art, with the country's youngest popullation. But back in the early 80's things were waaaaaaaaay different.
So, when a bunch of sombre post punk guys headed by someone nicknamed Adolfo Luxúria Canibal (Adolph Cannibal Lust) came out of nowhere, with a strong immagery, making noisy and dark tunes about drug addiction, BDSM, cannibalism, church orgies, serial killers and other "not-so-light" matters, all hell broke lose. Nevertheless Mão Morta thrived and by 92 they were already one of the most revered and respected bands in their homeland and, although their sound is far from being easy listening, it is often to see them on the national top selling ranks every time they release a new album. Describing their sound is a really hard task, mainly because it's all over the place. However think of a cross between Nick Cave's Birthday Party, The Swans, early Killing Joke, Einstürzende Neubauten and The Young Gods, with sparkles of 80's Garage Rock, Tom Waits when he goes more experimental or Bauhaus' rougher tracks. So it's no wonder these dudes easilly have one of the most original sonic blueprints as far as I'm concerned.
Nowdays, 35 years after their formation and 31 years after their debut, with 12 studio albums in their pocket, these irreverent veterans are still delivering the goods and show no signs of slowing down.



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Good shout, Troublegum is one of my absolute favourite albums. Have you listened to Cleave? I've heard it's basically "Troublegum Mk II", but I haven't got round to listening to it myself yet.
I haven't heard it either, to be honest I haven't kept up with them since Troublegum. I saw them play the whole album live a few years ago.