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Dick Brucinson

Dave Sustaine
The official Maiden FC regularly presents a „Fan Of The Week“. What qualification is actually needed to become „Fan Of The Week“? :ninja:

In a way the whole thing kinda reminds me of McDonald's & their tradition to present an „Employee Of The Month“ :facepalm: (dunno if they still do that).

Anyway, having been a FC member for two years on expiry next month yet, I think I won't go for another turn since it doesn't seem to make much sense.

BTW, I didn't really expect any kinds of advantage from it in terms of the upcoming Bruce solo tour (similiar to Maiden's FTTB e.g.) & it seems I was proven right, but what surprises me even more is the fact that there's no merch around Mandrake (not even one shirt) availabe at their official store.

Happy Easter all,
Apparently I'm going to be featured as a "fan of the week" in the near future. I sent an email to the "Eddietor" (who manages the online magazine) with a quick Maiden-related anecdote. He (she?) wrote back a week or two later, and asked me some follow-up questions, which will be turned into a feature at some point. I had no intention of "applying" for this, I just wanted to share a quick three-sentence comment that I thought would get circulated as part of their bi-monthly(?) email blast.

If it's something you're interested in, I'd suggest finding a short/entertaining Maiden-related anecdote, send it to the "Letters to the Eddietor" mailbox, and perhaps you'll be selected.