Drums on Virtual XI


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I recently heard of a rumour that suggests that Nicko didn't play drums on VirtualXI. I don't have VXI yet (can't find it in stores) so could someone explain to me where this rumour comes from?  :help:
LOL, never heard about it but you may be assured that it's nonsense.

However, VXI is infamous for Nicko's smallest contribution from his entire career, since he hits his toms only 3 or 4 (maybe 5) times on the whole album. :yawn:
BAHAHAHA. Old timers thread anyone?

Basically some assholes on the internet made this up to slag VXI. I banned a bunch of people over it back in like 2004. It's not true. Mav confirmed it when he was drinking with Blaze once.
I knew it was B.S. I just dont get where something like that comes from.
I believe the original rumor was that Steve played the drums.  Totally not true, but you'd be hard pressed to tell.  Nicko totally phoned that one in, which is a shame, because the end of "don't look to the eyes of a stranger" is totally awesome, but his simple drum beat almost kills it for me. 
Forostar said:
Yeah that's a Muppet Show kind of beat. Agonizing stuff.

I never thought of that....but now whenever I hear the album i'm going to imagine Animal banging the shit out of 2 drums the whole time.  That....kinda rocks!!!
The rumor was started because the drums are so simplistic on the album. Apparently Nicko was having back problems during the recording sessions so he "phoned it in", but that doesn't make much sense because they went on tour a couple of months later. Also the drums could have been recorded at a later time, they weren't using the live recording style, plus the album was recorded in Steve's own house, so that wouldn't pose much of a bigger expense, there was no studio time to rent.

Another explanation is that he wanted to make room for the guitars, to put them in focus. Doesn't hold much water either.
Nicko himself stated he wanted to drum as less complicated as possible, to give more room to the rest of the music.

According to Blaze's biography VXI was done too fast, so apart from the quality of songs, who knows the drums also might have suffered from that.
Yes, I thought I heard the simpler drumming was Nicko's choice, an experiment he wanted to try. Can't remember where I read that though.