How good is Drifter on a scale of 1-10?

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Don't care for this one. Decidedly below average for Maiden standards. 2/10.


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...what is this? Seriously, what am I listening to? This is not why I listen to Iron Maiden.

The only good thing about this song is the rhythm section. Riffs are forgettable, the vocals are average, and, once again, out of the nine songs on this album with lyrics, everything after the first chorus is just copied and pasted. If this was released today, half of the album would be made by Pro Tools cut and paste (like St. Anger).

Ooh baby, sing my song, I'm so happy, gotta love all night long...blech. I listen to Iron Maiden to avoid those lyrics.

A big, fat stinking 1.
Possibly the worst Maiden song ever. There are other lackluster tunes, but this is boring, which Maiden rarely is. The first solo is certainly interesting, but there is hardly a memorable note to be found here. 4/10
Wow, if there's one thing to remember from the Di'Anno era, it's that both albums ended with such so-so, at best, songs. That's not how albums should end. You need to come away saying, WOW. There is a good solo in this one though.

Two filler tracks to end the album. Possibly four filler songs to end the album. It's okay though. Invaders is about to wake you up from the nap you're taking in just a second.



Used to like this more, but not so much anymore. The Beast Over Hammersmith version is still gold thou!



Pirate of the Undergorund
Really poor lyrics in this one. None of the riffs are very memorable either. Not a good way to close an album.
Very average, poor by Maiden's standards. Especially knowing what is to come.




This is absurd. This song is a nuclear bomb, riff, bassline, the voice that is so sharp to cut your ears! An this song is so inspired, no time to catch a brake and the drums blow your mind!

5/10 to drifter and 9/10 to El Dorado, my god...


5/10. Rather meh as a studio song.

Edit: Another listen made me realize how bored I was with the song by the mid point, and while the solos temporarily bring it back up, another repetitious "sing it, sing it, sing it along" really does pretty much sink it. 3/10
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So with what I dub the forgettable three of the album (Another Life, Innocent Exile and Drifter), one was better than I remember, one was worse than I remember, and Drifter...is pretty much the same. Maybe slightly worse seeing as Another Life has managed to step up to the plate with another listen. This song just doesn't have much meat to it, and unlike Purgatory, which more than makes up for it, it's just pretty dull. I'd imagine live this would be a better song, but the studio version is forgettable. The ending of this song is quite good though, which makes it stand out a little from the other 4/10's.


RTC's Maiden Ranking:

1: Phantom Of The Opera: 9/10
2: Killers: 9/10
3: Remember Tomorrow: 8/10
4: Murders In The Rue Morgue: 8/10
5: Purgatory: 7/10
6: Wrathchild: 7/10
7: Transylvania: 7/10
8: Prodigal Son: 6/10
9: Strange World: 6/10
10: Sanctuary: 6/10
11: Another Life: 6/10
12: Prowler: 6/10
13: Genghis Khan: 5/10
14: Iron Maiden: 5/10
15: Charlotte The Harlot: 5/10
16: Twilight Zone: 5/10
17: Drifter: 4/10
18: Running Free: 4/10
19: Innocent Exile: 4/10
20: The Ides Of March: 2/10


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The closing track, Drifter, is just pointless. It covers no new ground, the lyrics are half-assed, half-hearted, and repetitive. The major key section before the second verse (or should I say the repeat of the first verse) is literally obnoxious. Say “sing” one more time, Paul, I dare ya…

The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
  • Great intro and that's about the only statement of praise I have for the song.
  • The calm part is remarkably pointless and the build-up that comes afterwards is way too happy sounding for the song's subject.
  • The "Sing it" part is awful.
  • Definitely the worst song off the album.