Dream Theater


Ever the Southern Gentleman
I'd say the comparison kinda makes sense - both are the go-to albums of the respective band for the general public, the most well-known albums by the band among your casual fans, both contain arguably the most well-known song by the band (NOTB and Pull Me Under), also both were the first album with the current, more famous singer.

And both are seriously overrated, though I&W are at least a really good album in my book.


Educated Fool
OK, I guess 'filler' was a wrong word to use, so overlooked, I guess? I still do need to dig deep into their back catalog but except the hits, I don't think I've encountered or stumbled upon rest of them being mentioned as their top tier. Only other one I remember on I&W is "Wait for Sleep" and that is only because it's been overplayed in their documentary when they were searching for the new drummer.

Anyway, onto my new encounter. I still need to review Distance over Time for what it really is - another DT concept album, this time about their former member. Come on, the cover itself is anything but subtle. Mangini robot?* 10 years for a skin to decompose and and show the skull?** Petrucci's sayings in 2011 that somebody distanced himself over time?***
* common rebuke
** estimated guess, but I've probably overdid it
*** completely made up