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I'd say the comparison kinda makes sense - both are the go-to albums of the respective band for the general public, the most well-known albums by the band among your casual fans, both contain arguably the most well-known song by the band (NOTB and Pull Me Under), also both were the first album with the current, more famous singer.

And both are seriously overrated, though I&W are at least a really good album in my book.


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OK, I guess 'filler' was a wrong word to use, so overlooked, I guess? I still do need to dig deep into their back catalog but except the hits, I don't think I've encountered or stumbled upon rest of them being mentioned as their top tier. Only other one I remember on I&W is "Wait for Sleep" and that is only because it's been overplayed in their documentary when they were searching for the new drummer.

Anyway, onto my new encounter. I still need to review Distance over Time for what it really is - another DT concept album, this time about their former member. Come on, the cover itself is anything but subtle. Mangini robot?* 10 years for a skin to decompose and and show the skull?** Petrucci's sayings in 2011 that somebody distanced himself over time?***
* common rebuke
** estimated guess, but I've probably overdid it
*** completely made up


And I should contemplate this change
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The first Petrucci solo album is pretty good but hoping this one is more interesting.


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I think Suspended Animation has a lot to offer to Petrucci fans because it has many strange compositions and extremely technical parts. However, the songwriting isn’t always top notch and it can get boring after a while so Terminal Velocity could be an improvement indeed.


Ancient Mariner
Black Wizard said:
I wonder if Petrucci is at Terminal Velocity does that mean he'll be in Constant Motion?
Quite astonishing Black Wizard but just let me breathe and don't let me be misunderstood, It's only a matter of the best of times John will amaze us with the gift of music and beneath the surface I have a blind faith he can take away my pain at 6:00 before I enter hell's kitchen.


And I should contemplate this change
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Snake In My Boot, nice song titles.

This is actually pretty exciting. Suspended Animation is a pretty good album, one of the better "shred guitar" deals out there. Hopefully this is similarly melodic and tasty. Glad Dave LaRue is back on bass and really excited about Portnoy being involved. That's awesome.