Do you ever wish you could murder hipsters? (WARNING! offensive)

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The hipster look and attitude has turned the American male into a metrosexual-looking and acting douchebag. Hipster fashion has vitiated and tainted our culture. Those faggy skinny jeans and tight plaid "lumberjack" shirts, those insipid "wave" haircuts and man buns. Every time I see one of these faggots I just want to kick their fucking teeth in. The faggy way they cut their beards. Those stupid gauges and piercings, etc. I wish we could ammend the murder laws to make it legal to murder hipsters! I'd be making a trip to my local dumpster every day with a truck load of their gay corpses. Fuck these retards!

[Please note the hyperbole]

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Do you have a similar opinion on global hipsters, or are you personally against American hipsters?

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This laughing stock of a 'culture' doesn't need threads here.
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