Dilemma with Megadeth Concert

Well, I was planning to go to Megadeth show in Mexico City this September 20th, but didnt buy them since I need the confirmation of an aunt that lives there to go. I was going to buy them this next week, but today I checked and there are tickets only for the pit, I wanted seats. Do you think I should still go? The pit is divided in two sections, general A and general B, general A is the one that is nearest to the stage and the one there are tickets for. I dont know what to do since I dont want to make line 5 or 4 hours and then being careful of moshing. It would be my first "big" concert, since Ive only go to Paul Dianno that was a small show, like 500 people. What do you think, should I go or should I try to find tickets for the sits?


Ancient Mariner
Not sitting doesn't automatically mean you'll be in the moshpit. Perhaps, standing at the side would give you a good opportunity to watch the band without having to look over your shoulder constantly.

Crimson Idol

I've never been to a gig and NOT been in the 'pit' area, I also dislike Mosh Pits and find that usually just standing to either the edges or avoiding being in the first say 15 rows is enough to avoid them. If you are unlucky enough to get caught in a pit you can usually move to another area, as all the people who want to act like that will gravitate towards it.
Well its floor, but Ive heard mosh pits in Megadeth concerts here in Mexico become pretty wild, but Ive decided, if my aunt confirms that she can go then Ill go. Problem is that one friend wanted to come but I dont know if he has the cash... Also we all are trying to save for Maiden England World tour

The Flash

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Woah. I don't get why it's such a problem to stand during a concert... If it's about a moshpits, there's always an area where there aren't any.

I hate mosh pits and also, I don't like standing. Not because I'm lazy (I love walking) I just don't like standing in one certain spot.
Lol I'm gonna buy the tickets tomorrow, for the pit. Im going with a nephew of the husband of my aunt and Im convincing 1 friend that adores Megadeth... Guess is gonna be awesome, I heard they are going to play songs from Peace Sells... But who's buying?


This is an interesting predicament, pretty sure Testament did a song about it... ;)

Seriously it will be brilliant as a first proper gig [Y]
Already bought the tickets! For the pit :edmetal: Right now Im trying to get 2 other friends that like Megadeth to come with me... Also Im gonna go to the anthropolgics museum in the City of Mexico, because since there is a strike right now you can enter free to everything, including an exhibition of feudal Japan that was lent by Tokyo Museum
Well, well, well. Just woke up from concert last night. I was second row, in the left side. Awesome, awesome and awesomer are the words to describe the concert. They played the whole Countdown to Extinction album. I saw Mustaine very closely, and I can tell you he looks way younger live. And he was very happy the whole concert, thing was insane. I didn't get a pick :sad: but well I enjoyed it a lot and bought a lot of souvenirs... Can't wait for next year


Ancient Mariner
Excellent, glad you had a good time. Countdown was a really good album ... would like a chance to see this.