Death Of The Celts


It’s always interesting how diverse peoples taste can be. I just don’t get the disappointment some have with this song. It was an instant winner for me. But I am a massive fan of the Harris epics. DOTC is a 10/10. 3rd favourite off the album.


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I'm not sure why people compare this to Clansman (maybe because it has a swing feel to it IDK)
I really like this. It is very, very different to usual Maiden stuff.
I kinda visualise this as people in a pub standing on the table tops, sloshing beer and singing along.
It's fun, and I like the extended instrumental section. One of my favourite songs on the album.

I can understand though, if people have heard Jigs before that this may not seem that good.


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It’s always interesting how diverse peoples taste can be. I just don’t get the disappointment some have with this song. It was an instant winner for me. But I am a massive fan of the Harris epics. DOTC is a 10/10. 3rd favourite off the album.

I don't get it either. it was the best track on first listen for me, and still is now joint with The Parchment, but I can understand some people don't like Steve style songs. What I don't understand is how people who hate Steve style songs prefer Lost in a Lost World???


Mixed feelings. It feels too long, that's for sure. It would probably work better as a shorter track. 6 minutes or so. Lots of decent parts here, but overall it's too monotonous and has no big climax. It keeps going and going and it doesn't get anywhere new - it's a similar problem TRatB has, but fortunately it's not as severe in DotC. As for positives, I dig the part that starts at 5:13, it sounds like nothing else on this album.

Looks like it's my second least favourite song on the album as of now (next to Darkest Hour). It actually got a bit worse since my first listen. I'll keep listening and see if something changes.


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Really good atmospherical intro, I love Bruce's delivery as a celt warrior getting psyched up for battle. When it gets heavy it loses me a bit, even though the melody is still good I think the verses go on for too long maybe and it doesn't get me on the edge of my feet all the time. However, I love the moment the "chorus" hits (Spiiiirits cry for a God from the grave...). Nice melody and the guitar underlying it fits. Great H solo and then that celtic melody that gets repeated maybe a bit too often. It's good and 'Arry's bass on it sounds great but imo it could be trimmed a bit. My favorite Janick solo on the album follows it then Dave and Adrian do good follow-ups. The hook to go back to the chorus melody is awesome and my favorite part on the song, love the guitar playing those melodies and Bruce comes back perfectly. I like the quiet ending as well, again love Bruce's delivery.

Overall, I can see why some people don't like it very much but the good parts are so good that it still sounds pretty solid to me. Not on the top half on the album, but probably my 6th favorite song atm. It would be even better as a 7-8 min track.


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Lowest-ranked song on first listen.
The one that’s grown the most since.


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I might be inclined to agree with this being the "worst" song of the album. I'm okay with that. This is somewhat plodding I guess, but really good.


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This one contains a brilliant instrumental song in its' middle. If it was included in the album as a seperate track people would be raving about it. I think it is a splendid piece of music that is lost in an arrangement that tries yes again to include acoustic inro/outro and so on. so kind of a mixeb bag. But come, the middle part is just brilliant in the old tranditional Maiden way of Losfer words and Transylvania.
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I really like the part from 08:04 - really cool bass playing there. Maybe the same is played somewhere else in the song? Anyway, here it enters the foreground and sounds great.


you mean *darkest hour
No, Death of the Celts. Honestly, this song is not so bad but it's too long.
The instrumental part is like a generic guitar battle without originality. And it's too slow.
The keyboards at 6:26 is predictable and cheap.
The outro is unnecessary and brings nothing to the song.
Even Bruce seems bored sometimes when he sings.
Initially I struggled to understand this one and it was my least favourite song on the album. The major key riffs made no sense for a war song. But on fourth listen I read the lyrics and it began to click. Celts going to battle, upbeat and excited. It’s a call to arms, not a reflection on the tragedy of defeat (I think!). So the mood works. After at least a dozen listens now it has grown on me and is such a fun song. The “Spirits cry for a god from the grave” chorus section is stuck in my brain and it’s great to hear reminders of Invaders and The Duellists during the instrumental section, which is brilliant. The three solos in a row are fun too. To me that is the moment the battle gets chaotic. The fighting scene.

The song isn’t top tier like The Parchment or Hell on Earth, but it’s a solid metal battle song…nice to have on the album. I’m really digging it.


I don't have the CD or vinyl (yet!), only streaming (Spotify/Tidal high-res). Love the album. Holy mother of god it's a good album

BUUUT can someone please check if the same crazy distortion, crackling noises is on the physical version as well as on the stream? It's bugging me out like hell and I wonder how Caveman Shirley and the guys can let this slip out of QA.

Listen to Death of the Celts from 7:20 to 7:40 on decent pair of head phones. The same in The Parchment from 5:03 to 5:50. Sounds crap and I hate it! Can't listen to these songs.

It does sounds better in the low-res mp3-versions though (high res is horrible) and possibly on speakers.
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