Dave, happy birthday!


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Wait what, really?
Awesome! But it shold go in the maiden forum ;)

Happy birthday you awesome guitarist you!


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Ah, this takes me back to the Maiden gig on 22. December 2006 in London. And the 20-minute power outage that had us singing happy birthday to Dave because there was nothing else to do.

Great time that was. :)

So yeah, 'eavy birthday, Dave!


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Reminds me of Sonisphere this year. It was Bruce's birthday, and everyone kept singing happy birthday again and again. He had to ask us to stop after a while.

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Damn, I'm almost 3 days late on this!



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I've said several times: Maiden and/or their people don't read our forum, as far as we know.

Here's hoping I'm wrong:
Heavy birthday, Dave! :edmetal: