Dark Theme?


Rebel Girl Royalty
I hope this is in the right place. The forum is fine, so no bugs to report, I just wanted to suggest a dark theme option, if thats possible with the current code layout without too much hassle. Depending on time of day and for people who can be light sensitive, the all white is sometimes a bit hard on the eyes.

Honestly, other than that this plaze is amazingly set up. The covenience and nuances the admins thought of is impressive, and it makes it a joy to use as a member.
The staff here are aces and will probably already think of this if its something that can be done, but in case its helpful (and doable) maybe color scheme set up like a good E-reader dark theme. We've already got this lovely nice dark blue for the forum banner. Id say that, some black, and text that is a lighter grey rather than full white would be quite soothing on the sight. And look pretty dope too, in my humble opinion.