Cloud Eddies


Free Man
Hey all. Some of us like to watch the clouds and see the Eddie in them. A sometimes addictive habit that can rule our mind. Typically, we share them in 1M thread but like this, pictures get lost in the stream of consciousness and tides of time. So why not having a single-to go reference thread for all the Cloud Eddies pictures we'll ever shot /find?

Please post any Cloud Eddies here.
By the end of each year we could even nominate /award the best Cloud Eddie-shions! Here's a mighty one:


@MindRuler :D
I thought it was another compilation Eddie's thread by Kalata.
Anyway good thread and funny at the same time. I'm going to see the sky at sunset later. If Saturday I've seen Santa at Donnington maybe I see Eddie later
@____no5 You could name this thread : Ed Hunters :lol:
Cloud Eddies from the spot where Cloud Eddie was born.
The first one is difficult to spot but quite sinister!20FF387C-8E80-4892-B51C-D00F24F50423.jpeg