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Welcome to the Chris Cornell Survivor!

This year we lost one of the greatest voices in music. What better way is there to honor his memory than by listening to and appreciating all the work he gave to the world?

This game will feature 6 Soundgarden albums, 4 solo albums, 3 Audioslave albums, and 1 Temple of the Dog album. The albums will be introduced in chronological order.

I'll be honest that a lot of this material I'm not fully familiar with, so I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to fully discover all this music.

This is my first time hosting a survivor, so don't expect perfection. :p I plan on sticking to standard Night Prowler rules. 3 songs from each album will be promoted to the finals, and the finals will consist of 3 waves of songs based on their votes from the album rounds. (i.e. the promoted songs with the fewest total # of votes will be introduced in the 3rd and final wave of the finals.)

I am open and willing to listen to feedback and make changes based on your suggestions.

I plan to just stick to songs that were released on the albums, but again this can change based on how the majority of players feel.

We start with the first two Soundgarden albums: Ultramega OK and Louder Than Love


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Okay, I'll have to re-listen to a lot of those things, and I have to admit I haven't listened to all of his solo albums either, but this is going to be soooo much fun!

P.S. I'll be rooting for Temple of the Dog.


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I've never actually listened to these albums before and...woooooooooboy, are they really bad. Chris Cornell's highs on some of these songs are absolutely breathtaking, just pure talent and raw emotion, but the songs are simply not very good. The only songs I legitimately liked here are Beyond the Wheel, Mood for Trouble, and Uncovered.

Voting for:

- 665, 667, Silence
- Circle of Power (what a pile of garbage. Why would you let anyone else sing?!)
- He Didn't
- Head Injury
- Hands All Over
- Gun
- Power Trip
- Full On x2 and Big Dumb Sex


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Going to try my best to keep up on this, but have never heard either of these.


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I will try to participate. I have a lot of other things going on right now.

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I'll extend the deadline a bit to give everyone who plans on participating some more time.

I still need to listen to these, myself...

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Wow. These albums are indeed hard to get through. You can definitely see glimpses of Cornell's crazy talents, such as on Beyond the Wheel and Smokestack Lightning, but none of the songs are all that special or memorable. Certainly not a good indication of what's to come.

I will say that Louder Than Love is a definite improvement over the first album, but that's really not saying all that much. I can hear some similarities to Alice in Chains here, but not nearly as good.

Voting for:

Circle of Power
He Didn't
Head Injury
Incessant Mace
One Minute of Silence
Power Trip
Full On Kevin's Mom
No Wrong No Right
Big Dumb Sex
Full On

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I'm just trying to gauge the interest levels. I'm fine to update since 7 songs are unanimous, but I really hope future rounds will have more than 3 voters. These two albums definitely aren't very easy to get through, but the good news is that once we get past them, the next 3 albums are Temple of the Dog, Badmotofinger, and Superunknown. All of which rule.

Alright. I'm gonna power through this 2nd album and will vote. Gimme an hour or two.

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I voted. And I would've voted sooner but these albums are so very bad. The talent is there, the performances are cool too, but songs are really really really bad. Not one catchy moment. Should be better soon :)

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I'll wait until the vote closes in the unlikely event that someone else jumps in; and I'll update it tomorrow. :)

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Open a new thread, then I'll merge the new one with this one, with the new poll being retained. So you need to save the results of this thread somewhere.