Children of the Damned

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
"Invaders" drifts away, and the quieter beginning to this song begins. "Children of the Damned" is evil and emotional, and has some great music and an incredibly blistering solo. That said, I definitely think Bruce needed a little to mature in his singing skills. He sounds great, but there's definitely room for improvement. He does hit some high fucking notes, though.

For the first time ever, this song is down. But not by much. 9/10.


Fuddy Buddy
A nice acoustic opening is joined by a melodic lead. This gives way to a great soft verse where Bruce really shines. This builds nicely into an unfortunately plodding and kind of boring chorus.

Another great verse and so-so chorus, then we break into an uptempo extended bridge, where Bruce is kind of all over the place. This cuts into a by-the-numbers harmonized bit and a pretty great solo, before another extended bridge with some OK "whoah-ohs" that turn into an OK vocal, and eventually end on a nice scream with a big rock ending.

Great verse, great solo, but the rest is pretty flat. Not sure why this one gets so much love. 6/10 for me.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
A haunting track with a nice acoustic opening and a great vocal performance from Bruce, this one is nonetheless falling steadily down through my ratings. It's good, but not quite good enough. 7
I’m a fan of this one. It has good verses, a good solo by H, and a great intro. Not really a perfect song, but I always enjoy listening to it.


Years Wasted
Here's some trivia about the song:

'Children Of The Damned' was incorporated into the set on the first UK gig played by Maiden with Bruce at the front (10) and from then on it has been played on:

The Beast On The Road (4); Scorpions – Blackout Tour – North America (3); Superfest XV (3); Chicago Fest V (4); Reading Festival ’82 (4); Judas Priest – World Vengeance Tour – USA (2nd Leg) (4); World Slavery Tour 1984 - UK (Some venues) (5); Somewhere On Tour 1986 – Europe & UK (4); Somewhere On Tour 1986 – Europe (Budapest) (5); Somewhere On Tour 1987 - Japan (4); Somewhere On Tour 1987 – North America (First 2 Dates) (4); Somewhere On Tour 1987 – North America (3); Clive Burr Ms Trust Fund 2005 (15); A Matter Of The Beast Summer Tour ’07 (6); Somewhere Back In Time World Tour ’09 (4); The Book Of Souls World Tour 2016 (3) & The Book Of Souls World Tour 2017 (4).

The number besides the name of the tour is the place in the setlist

Bruce, Roy Z & Adrian played the song acoustically in an in-store promo tour in 1997.

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Out of the Silent Planet
Wonderful intro starts this classic! The acoustic guitar sounds great. The verses are amazing and the chorus is great. The part before the solo is amazing too. The twin-lead guitar harmony and the solo from Adrian (which is one of his all time best solos) are top-notch. The ''oh-oh'' part after the solo fits right and the end is epic with the scream. Great performance from Bruce. Masterpiece - one of the very best songs of Maiden. 10/10
love love love those bends in the twin guitar harmony parts -- while driving and listening, those bends have been known to move and shape all of the scenery flashing by me. Just a fantastic composition.
one of my all-time favorite floor Tom drum sounds.

Nicko seems to have improved his live drum sound on this track, quite a bit since the LAD days.