Can't Access Senjutsu Thread.

On my laptop I can't access the board because of a phone error. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. On my phone, sometimes everything works fine, sometimes it's giving me a download link for a thread. Other members have reported similar things. There's definitely something wrong here.
Hey all, I've changed some settings to see if we can make this problem go away. If anyone sees the download link again on the forum, if you can post here that's appreciated so I can keep looking for the issue.
I still get the php error on my laptop.
On my phone, I'm having the same issue. It's happening on the Senjutsu thread, and it also comes up when I try to click on "Latest Posts"

Screenshot_20210817-152110_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20210817-152044_Samsung Internet.jpg

However, I AM able to view the Senjutsu thread when I navigate to it via my alerts.
The best thing to do will be to empty the browser cache and close the browser, then try again. We updated the site at the weekend and there was a brief period where it was serving the wrong things - my current suspicion is that's gotten cached in people's browsers as everything being served now seems to be ok.