Bruce Dickinson video interviews / shows


Ancient Mariner
– You were involved with AYREON project. What’s happened with that one?

– I’m not going to be doing anything with Arjen [Lucassen]. I did one track with him [“Into The Black Hole”], he’s a very talented guy. I was thinking to do some writing with him, possibly doing an album project, but what happened was this all got out into the Internet because he released details of it – either the e-mail or something to his fan club. And all of a sudden it was all was released, that I was doing an album with Arjen. So I asked him, I said this is not true, is it you who put everything out, there’s no professionalism. And he mailed me back saying, “Oh no-no-no, I’d never do anything like that”, but I found out that actually he did it. So I don’t have any plans to do anything with Arjen. He’s talented, he has his own career, and I wish him all the success.

I found something about the mess with Arjen Lucassen.


Educated Fool
In Wikipedia, it says that they wrote 4 songs for the Space Metal album - do you know which are those songs?

No, never heard about which songs it was. My guess is Set your controls, Intergalactic space crusaders, Starchild and Eye of Ra, the first one is like the song Freak, and the other three have more space for vocals (which Arjen wanted to use when writing the song Into the black hole for Bruce).