Bruce Dickinson Survivor finished: Final report

Vote for your LEAST favorite songs!

  • Book Of Thel

    Votes: 6 42.9%
  • Darkside Of Aquarius

    Votes: 8 57.1%

  • Total voters
Re: Bruce Dickinson Survivor FINAL BATTLE: Aquarius vs Thel (Oct 31 - Nov 2)

I don't know what to vote, both songs kick major ass. In fact, i consider both to be among top 5 Maiden songs of the '90s  :D

In any case, i'm glad that Darkside and Thel are in final battle. Right now, i'm going to vote for Thel to keep 3:3 tie.
Re: Bruce Dickinson Survivor FINAL BATTLE: Aquarius vs Thel (Oct 31 - Nov 2)

Weird development: Darkside is doing better, and that's the first time ever.
Thel always had less votes, every round. Some people must have changed their minds.  :D
Still, more than 30 hours to go, so who knows what will happen.

(edit: when I posted this, it was 4 Thel, 3 Darkside)
Re: Bruce Dickinson Survivor FINAL BATTLE: Aquarius vs Thel (Oct 31 - Nov 2)

After listening to both songs, my opinion goes in favour of Darkside of Aquarius - I'm voting against Thel.
Re: Bruce Dickinson Survivor FINAL BATTLE: Aquarius vs Thel (Oct 31 - Nov 2)

I've listened to both songs now, and I like Book of Thel ALOT better. It may be stupid to join in at the finale though :p
Re: Bruce Dickinson Survivor FINAL BATTLE: Aquarius vs Thel (Oct 31 - Nov 2)

So hard, but after a re-listen, my vote goes to Thel.

Aquarius FTW!
Re: Bruce Dickinson Survivor FINAL BATTLE: Aquarius vs Thel (Oct 31 - Nov 2)

I'm glad the final round is turning out to be so close. A bit of excitement at the end.
Bruce Dickinson Survivor Champion:
Book Of Thel

The top ten Bruce Dickinson songs:
1. Book Of Thel
2. Darkside Of Aquarius
3. Omega
4. Chemical Wedding
5. Tears Of The Dragon
6. King In Crimson
7. The Tower
8. Accident Of Birth
9. Jerusalem
10. Silver Wings

Results by album:
Rank. Song (Number of rounds survived)


Tattooed Millionaire (1990)
1 (tie). Tattooed Millionaire (23)
1 (tie). Born In '58 (23)
3. Son Of A Gun (11)
4. No Lies (6)
5. Gypsy Road (5)
6 (tie). Dive! Dive! Dive! (3)
6 (tie). All The Young Dudes (3)
8. Hell On Wheels (2)
9. Zulu Lulu (1)
10. Lickin' The Gun (0)

Balls To Picasso (1994)
1. Tears Of The Dragon (42)
2. Cyclops (24)
3. Laughing In The Hiding Bush (19)
4. 1000 Points Of Light (16)
5 (tie). Change Of Heart (11)
5 (tie). Sacred Cowboys (11)
7. Hell No (8 )
8. Fire (7)
9. Gods Of War (4)
10. Shoot All The Clowns (2)

Skunkworks (1996)
1. Back From The Edge (13)
2. Innerspace (11)
3 (tie). Space Race (10)
3 (tie). Inertia (10)
3 (tie). Meltdown (10)
6. Faith (7)
7. Dreamstate (6)
8. Inside The Machine (5)
9. Strange Death In Paradise (4)
10 (tie). Solar Confinement (2)
10 (tie). I Will Not Accept The Truth (2)
12. Headswitch (1)
13. Octavia (0)

Accident Of Birth (1997)
1. Darkside Of Aquarius (28)
2. Omega (27)
3. Accident Of Birth (22)
4. Man Of Sorrows (18)
5. Arc Of Space (11)
6. Road To Hell (10)
7. Starchildren (9)
8. Taking The Queen (7)
9. Welcome To The Pit (5)
10. The Magician (3)
11. Freak (2)
12. Toltec 7 Arrival (0)

The Chemical Wedding (1998)
1. Book Of Thel (29)
2. Chemical Wedding (19)
3. King In Crimson (17)
4. The Tower (16)
5. Jerusalem (14)
6. Gates Of Urizen (6)
7. The Alchemist (5)
8. Trumpets Of Jericho (4)
9. Machine Men (1)
10. Killing Floor (0)

Tyranny Of Souls (2005)
1 (tie). Abduction (5)
1 (tie). Navigate The Seas Of The Sun (5)
1 (tie). A Tyranny Of Souls (5)
4. Kill Devil Hill (4)
5. Soul Intruders (3)
6. River Of No Return (2)
7. Power Of The Sun (2)
8. Mars Within (1)
9. Believil (1)
10. Devil On A Hog (0)
Non-album songs
1. Silver Wings (6)

Results by series:
Series 1 (Tattooed Millionaire vs Balls To Picasso):
11. Fire
12. No Lies
13. Gypsy Road
14. Gods Of War
15 (tie). Dive, Dive, Dive!
15 (tie). All The Young Dudes
17 (tie). Hell On Wheels
17 (tie). Shoot All The Clowns
19. Zulu Lulu
20. Lickin' The Gun

Series 2 (Top ten vs Skunkworks):
11. 1000 Points Of Light
12. Faith
13. Dreamstate
14. Inside The Machine
15. Strange Death In Paradise
16 (tie). Son Of A Gun
16 (tie). Change Of Heart
16 (tie). Sacred Cowboys
19 (tie). Solar Confinement
19 (tie). I Will Not Accept The Truth
21. Headswitch
22 (tie). Hell No
22 (tie). Octavia

Series 3 (Top ten vs Accident Of Birth):
11 (tie). Tattooed Millionaire
11 (tie). Born In '58
13. Welcome To The Pit
14. Back From The Edge
15. The Magician
16 (tie). Laughing In The Hiding Bush
16 (tie). Innerspace
16 (tie). Freak
19 (tie). Space Race
19 (tie). Inertia
19 (tie). Meltdown
22. Toltec 7 Arrival

Series 4 (Top ten vs The Chemical Wedding):
11. Gates Of Urizen
12. The Alchemist
13 (tie). Arc Of Space
13 (tie). Trumpets Of Jericho
15. Road To Hell
16. Starchildren
17. Machine Men
18 (tie). Cyclops
18 (tie). Taking The Queen
18 (tie). Killing Floor

Series 5 (Top ten vs "Silver Wings" and Tyranny Of Souls):
11. A Tyranny Of Souls
12. Abduction
13. Navigate The Seas Of The Sun
14. Man Of Sorrows
15. Kill Devil Hill
16. Soul Intruders
17. River Of No Return
18. Power Of The Sun
19. Mars Within
20. Believil
21. Devil On A Hog

I can't complain about the winner. I would have liked to see "The Tower" and "Silver Wings" higher. And a couple that didn't make the top 10 as well: "Road To Hell" and "Back From The Edge".

But when I look at the results by album, those rankings look pretty reasonable to me. Not perfect, but not bad.

Thanks for playing everyone!
You're welcome, it was a pleasure!

I think that Bruce's latest album deserves at least 1 song in the current top-10.
Personal favourites that didn't make it:

Back from the Edge
Tyranny of Souls
Man of Sorrows
The Breeding House
No Way Out...To Be Continued
Soul Intruders

I never expected that Omega would do so well, but this poll made me realize it's an awesome track with (especially) great vocals.

Take a look at your future, take a look at your burning skies!
SinisterMinisterX said:
I can't complain about the winner.

I just realized I should have made this statement more strongly... my tendency towards dramatic understatement doesn't work as well on the internet.

I'm actually very happy about the winner. "Book Of Thel" was my choice for #1 from the start, and I'm quite pleased that it won. :bigsmile:
It was also my choice, pretty much up to the final round, when I listened to both the songs from Scream For Me Brazil, Darkside was a bit better. But I don't mind it at all. I feel that this is a fair representation of Bruce's finest work.
I am a little disappointed that something off of Tyranny of Souls didn't make it into the top 10. I personally think Navigate the Seas of the Sun stood a fighting chance...and Jerusalem should have ranked higher. But at any rate it was fun while it lasted :).
Ah, here I see so many good reviews of songs, but I haven't listened to half of them. Does anybody know how can I download Bruce's songs?