Bruce Dickinson - pro-shot footage from Sunflower Superjam 2012

Welsh Phantom

Ancient Mariner
I had forgotten this Perun. You are right, this would have been great to hear that. As for Angel of Death, this is a kind of strange object in Lizzy's discography ; even on Chinatown, there is no other song that sounds like this. I'm terribly disappointed by the cover of Emerald whose video has been posted earlier : the music should be driven by the bass guitar, which gives some extra smoothness to it, and Bruce doesn't get the right aproach to this marvellous song.

Angel of Death is track 1 on the Renegade album if I remember correctly, not Chinatown :)

Different World is, to me, more Lizzy than Lizzy themselves. That includes the vocal melodies aswell as the harmonies.