Bring Your Daughter… …To the Slaughter

How good is Bring Your Daughter... ...To the Slaughter on a scale of 1-10?

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It's an alright song. The main good thing from it is being fun. It's not even one of the better ones from the album I think, but it fits there pretty well considering it wasn't written for it (iirc). It has *something* that makes it a not-terrible-song (probably the creepy feel to it that some mention) but it's not very good beyond that.
This is a trashy song and it revels in it, but it also works on that level. Bruce's sleazy vocals fit the tone, and the verse builds up nicely to the catchy chorus.

Another round of verse and chorus, followed by a nice, brief bridge and a messy but enjoyable solo. A moodier chorus reprise gives way to some odd melodic groaning from Bruce, building back up to a triumphant chorus return and a big rock ending.

This is a guilty pleasure for sure, but it still has some chops. 7/10.
Primarily a fun song with an interesting take on a coming of age story (as that's what Bruce always thought the Nightmare on Elm Street series symbolized), "Bring Your Daughter..." is a cool track with a lot of bite and Bruce utilizing his rasp well. Great chorus here, and the Maiden version is better than the original solo song and overall just a lot of fun. Sing along. 7
I always liked that song. The intro is bombastic, loud bass, and great verses. ''Interesting'' lyrics and the chorus is gold IMO. Wild solo from Janick which is awesome... speed killer, one of his best! The part with ''fetch your daughter'' is great. As always with Maiden, fantastic twin-lead guitar harmonies and the ''ah-ah'' part fits great. Crazy end to the song. I like how they add a chime of a bell in live performances of the song. Fun song full of energy. 10/10.
I like the song. It is not stellar but I prefer it to most of the others songs from No Prayer for the Dying.

OK, the lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be taken seriously, but it is one of those tracks that works amazingly well live, as shown here.

OK, the lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be taken seriously, but it is one of those tracks that works amazingly well live, as shown here.

Yeah, I would've liked it to have one or two stints in the setlists over the years. I've repeated this too many times already, but throwing it into the 2012/13/14 set instead of Running Free/Sanctuary would've been a cheap but also a brilliant way to cover some of the early 90's as well without losing any focus on the Golden Years thing at all, really. Then again, given how demanding the set already was, it's inclusion would have needed replacing Aces High as well, but yeah, anyway.

But to get back to the point, I do agree it being a great live song that I'd welcome to the set any day as an option for the Wrathchild/Running Free/Sanctuary category. That being said, the recent setlist policy seems to stick with more "serious" songs anyway, so I don't expect it to be played anymore, but should they want to include kind of a sing-along number to the last few sets we're going to see, it's not completely out of the question, I suppose.

This is a rare example of a song that is both under- and overrated.

That sums it up perfectly. Same goes, arguably, for quite many other songs from that particular era.
Given that it was written as a solo song originally, it’s no wonder this sounds like it belongs on Tattooed Millionaire, and yet aside from that killer chorus it feels less interesting than most of that album. I like TM for what it is, but I don’t really wanna hear it in my Iron Maiden. It’s an okay song held up by that chorus, everything else is just eh. 6/10
I´m torn between giving it a 7 or an 8.
It´s a fun song and definitely one of the better songs on No Prayer.