Best Maiden Song

Holy Smoke

Easy... Where Eagles Dare  (I'm suprised this song hardly ever makes the top 10 of Maiden fanatics). :(

Second is Run to the Hills.


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top 5  5. Sheriff of Huddersville 4 Hallowed 3 FTGGOG 2 The Legacy 1. PASCHENDALE!!!!!!  :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey: :yey:
It's extremely hard to pick a top song, but right now Revelations is my favourite (for the awesome singing, catchy instrumentals).
For me it's gotta be:

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - hands down my ultimate favorite desert island can't live without Maiden track :)
My favorite song is The Evil That Men Do, but it's not Maiden's best song.

It's The Clairvoyant, and if you don't believe me, watch it on Raising Hell. Watch Steve Harris's passion as he plays that intro and tell me it doesn't give you chills. Because I'll pay for your therapy myself.


Moonchild33 said:
1. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
2. Hallowed Be Thy Name (but not the studio version. That one is waaay further down my list.)
3. Moonchild
4. Powerslave
5. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
6. Stranger in a Strange Land
7. Aces High
8. The Longest Day
9. Revelations
10. Sign of the Cross

Very tough and changes day to day with a few exceptions. (My top 3 never change.) I can easily add any AMOLAD track or BNW. And I just had to remove the song SSOASS because I realized I didn't put Powerslave. :O So yeah. SSOASS is definitely up there somewhere.

A bit of a shakeup.

1. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
2. Moonchild
3. Paschendale
4. The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
5. Revelations
6. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
7. The Longest Day
8. Sign of the Cross
9. Stranger in a Strange Land
10. Hallowed Be Thy Name

Coming Home might take Hallowed off the top 10 when my honeymoon ends.

The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
My list is still changing. Now :

1. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
2. The Trooper
3. Phantom of the Opera
4. Aces High
5. Alexander the Great
6. Fear of the Dark
7. Powerslave
8. Sign of the Cross (with Bruce)
9. Dance of Death
10. Deja Vu - Wasted Years