Beatles or Stones?

Beatles or Stones?

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Ancient Mariner
The Beatles! Even the best songs of The Rolling Stones look rather pale compared to the ones of the Fab Four.
I once had a schoolmate who was totally into the Beatles, he introduced me into their magical mystery world.
They have brilliant songs (Strawberry Fields, A Day In The Life) but also ridiculous songs (Ob La Di Ob La Da)
Paul McCartney is my favorite, his solo career is pretty amazing too.


Infinite Dreamer
I spent a summer listening to the entire Beatles discography at the request of a couple good friends who are diehard fans and my opinion is:

- 50% of their material is nonsense
But that nonesense is catchy as hell. I have their full "official" discography, the standardized 13 albums. No Anthologies, rarities or region specific presses. I absolutely love it.

The Beatles' biggest weakness is their lyrics. They don't really say anything, even when they might be, like in "Let it Be." Beautiful song, great message, the story of how it came to be is absolutely heartwarming, but like Doctor Roberts, if you're not a die hard and don't know the story behind it... could be nonesense. Blackbird is beautiful, it's about slavery, Do you notice that from the lyrics alone? Most people won't.

Rubber Soul has some of their best stuff and then it has.... Drive My Car. Which isn't a horrible song, but I've never liked the line, "Baby you can drive my car, baby you can drive my car, and baby I love you." It's very out of place, there is nothing about the song that it's a "love" song. Such a throwaway line and so trivializing. But they did that a lot. The Beatles say "love" a lot. You can excuse it with the whole hippie thing, but now it just comes off as immature and unimaginative.

But MUSICALLY oh man, creative as hell, innovative like no other. The Stones themselves have gone on the record saying the Beatles showed them the way in the music industry. WRITE YOUR OWN SHIT. Lyrically I like the stones more, but musically and in general, Beatles all the way.