Be Quick or Be Dead

How good is Be Quick or Be Dead on a scale of 1-10?

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Ray K.

Good tight song. Everyone just seems to be musically on the money in this song. Like the lyrics and the growling vocals. favorite part is see who pulls the stri i ings lol even if it is just playing in the background for whatever i am doing i seem to stop to sing along to that line! :p


Great evil-sounding riff and furious delivery by Bruce. The chorus aren't as good as the verses, but that's hard because the verses are superb. There is energy all the way through the song and this one is an excellent opening. The title is also a good one!
A great opening, if only the album could have continued like this...



Ancient Mariner
7. This is a really fun song that would be a contender for an 8 if Bruce didn't sound like he was throwing up at one point.


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Ancient Mariner
Like already mentioned, this is a really good opener. Hard-hitting, exciting and energetic. Bruce singing also works surprisingly well, and the solos are great.


clap hands

The album opens with a bang in Be Quick or Be Dead, one of the fastest Maiden songs ever. Dickinson and Gers turn in an incredibly aggressive metal song with anxious guitar work and a simple, catchy chorus. It’s a hell of an album opener, but Bruce’s rasp is almost unlistenable here. His tone fits the song, but it’s still a shame to hear such a great singer croaking out the notes. The good news is that the production sounds immediately better than No Prayer for the Dying, even though the bass guitar is a bit too quiet and muddy and the drums lack some depth. Janick’s guitar solo sounds more rehearsed and structured, a welcome change from his wankery on No Prayer.


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This song works fine as an opener to establish a high energy level, but the song itself doesn't do much for me. The main riff is really generic and the playing during the verses is unimaginative. Also can't stand Bruce's singing here. I like the rasp on some tracks but not so much on this song. Both guitar solos are good, although I miss the contrast between Adrian and Dave. Janick and Dave have a very similar style on these albums.


Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I love this song. It's a nice bam! kind of opener, fast paced and fun, and I'll be honest, the music video is probably my all time favorite of theirs. Awesome track. 9/10
A great song, fast and furious that goes straight to the point. Bruce's way of singing fits well with the general tone of the song.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I gave this a 9? Bullshit, this is a definite 10/10. Amazing opener, one of their fastest songs ever, the video is still awesome, sinister and angry lyrics, this is a damn good song. Still wondering why I love FOTD?

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
Fantastic intro with genius lyrics. Very aggressive, kicks off the album really well. Bruce's growls fit perfectly with the tone of the overall song, Janick's solo is just chaotic and one of his best. A solid 9, and possibly the best song on the album.
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Abysmal display of mental decay
One of the heavier grooves Maiden has laid down, and probably the strongest straight-ahead rocker Gers has been involved with writing.

Gers' riffing is more interesting than usual on the intro and verse. Bruce's growly vocal style is a little over the top here, but it also fits the subject matter. The vocal harmonies are a bit odd, but not in a bad way.

The verse and chorus vocals are catchy, and the caustic post-chorus vocals are an unusual touch, but work well for the song. A nice, catchy bridge carries into the second round of verse and chorus, followed by a pair of pretty strong solos before closing out the song.

Strong material throughout. 8/10.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Opening with a rapid drumbeat, "Be Quick or Be Dead" is one of the fastest songs the band has ever released. Bruce's rasp is in fine form, very sinister, and it's pretty strong overall, though not as good as others. The music video is a fave of mine. 7


Out of the Silent Planet
Brutal opening to the song (one of the best from Maiden). The scream is wild. Almost speed metal song (one of the fastest in the band's discography). Incredible drumming, amazing verses and even better chorus. Both solos are great. This song is one of my favorites - classic!!! They really have to play it again live. 10/10