Be Quick or Be Dead

How good is Be Quick or Be Dead on a scale of 1-10?

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Re: Daily Song: Be Quick or Be Dead

A relentless, fast, in your face rocker with an attitude. I think Bruce's raspy vocals benefit this song. Finally, the lyrics are as great as they should be again. Great album opener. 8/10.


Re: Daily Song: Be Quick or Be Dead

Maybe the best on the album. Great galloping rhythm, excellent lead guitar and throaty vocals. What more could you ask for? 10/10.


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Re: Daily Song: Be Quick or Be Dead

There aren't many Maiden song that sound badass.
This is one of those songs. Great riffage, great solos, everything is pretty great other than the vocals, and the lyrics. I don't really like political lyrics.

All in all a solid 7.


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Re: Daily Song: Be Quick or Be Dead

Mckindog summed it up exactly as I feel about it:

mckindog said:
A no-holds-barred sonic attack. This one grabs you by the throat with vicious music and a biting lyric. An excellent piece of pure metal and a great way to open an album. Eight.

*agrees with text and ranking*


@Mid-Distance Runner:
I see what you mean, that's indeed a very nice strong part with its full chords. But I think that sometimes great parts are great because they only happen once. That's what makes it extra special. ;)


Re: Daily Song: Be Quick or Be Dead

This is maybe the only song I prefer Bruce's raspy vocals on, it really suits it. Makes for a good opening track and it is kind of catchy, the solo is nice. Overall it's good but it's not blow away material...7/10


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Re: Daily Song: Be Quick or Be Dead

7 out of 10... High energy tune with the whole band at full throttle. Two great solos. Bruce's performance on this one was never a personal favorite though...


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Re: Daily Song: Be Quick or Be Dead

This is one of those songs that I hope the band will surprise me with one day.  It's not among my top rare songs that I want to see live, but I would definitely prefer it over RTTH or Trooper.  I generally don't like Bruce's voice during this era, but this is one song where it fits perfectly.  I give it 8.


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8/10 for me, I love the relentless pace and the heaviness.

But this is one rare example of me preferring a studio version over the live one as Bruce just can't channel that kind of raspy vitriol into the live versions.  And thus they come off a bit too tame.

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Agree with Invader here. On this song I really like the vocal style Bruce used. Musically it's also a more than decent number, and shows the way for later songs in the same vein (Man on the Edge, Futureal). The solos are really nice as well. 8/10.


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Re: Daily Song: Be Quick or Be Dead

Fugazi said:
10/10, my favourite Maiden album opener. I really like the version on Live @ Donington, it sounds raw, unpolished and relentless. It kinda reminds me of when I saw them open with this back in 93.

Hell yeah!

The combo of opening with Be Quick or Be Dead and then going straight into The Number of The Beast as the second track woks so amzingly well, great show  :edmetal:

9/10 on the track. One of Maidens most METAL songs.

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Great intro with the drums and the opening riff. It has great heaviness and energy on it, I agree with the majority who thinks Bruce's vocals fits this song pretty well. Especially on the chorus. I'd rather give it an 8,5 but there isn't 8,5 so it's a well deserved 8 for me.


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Great energy here but Bruce's singing and the over-simplicity ruins it. 7/10


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8/10. Bruce's scream in the intro is horrible, and the song is simple, but it's a good, fast-paced opener. Not the usual Maiden opener quality, but definitely better than Tailgunner!

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Good opener. I like Bruce's singing on this one, except in the chorus. Solos are good, as is the drumming. It gets 8/10 because of the chorus.


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A very strong 8. Atypical and very thrashy stuff, great lyrics, i don't get it when people say that Maiden don't know how to make a good social commentary. This is a prime example.
BTW, i love the video too. Especially the scene when anvil falls and gets morphed into a cheque that's named on "Mr. Scumbag".


Has anyone ever noticed that this song sounds like Helloween/Gamma Ray, Kai Hansen-era? The rasp, the driving beat, the scream... I can hear Kai doing this song. Subject matter fits, too.


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A fantastic song, and fearsome opener. I just love the relentless vibe of the song, and the solos are great! Definitely one of the best songs on FOTD, and one that I feel definitely should be put back in the setlist. I'd also have loved to have heard Blaze Bayley tackle this one, I think his voice would suit the song. :)